Flash Sale





Thank you to all who have emailed and inquired about the Daphne® Jewelery pieces. As you know they are a bit hard to come by. And those I’ve sent to Accessory Lab have sold out within one weekend. I believe there is still one charm left.

Let me try this out. I’ve posted photos of new medals that are available. I’m offering them at a discounted rate for the next three days. You may check the items here. (EDIT: Flash Sale is now over. Link has expired).

All inquiries (local and international), please send to info@daphne.ph or like my Facebook page and send me message there. I will reply to you all within the day.


EDIT: Nov 1, 2012 – Flash sale is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated. Hoping to be able to make more. I will try to reply as best I can.



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