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Let me get this out of the way. For the record, I think the name “Bonifacio Global City” is complicated, reduntant and too long. I’ve always known that area as just plain old “Bonifacio”. Then when the new development came in, we all called it The Fort. Somehow that name stuck. My friends and I still say “The Fort.”

The new developers have invested in rebranding the place as BGC. For the life of me, I find it too hard to pronounce those three letters. Can’t imagine how everyone else copes. And although it’s a highly urbanized area, it is not a city in the sense that it has no local government of its own. It is “private property” – and they have signs to remind you. And the term “global”. Really? Can’t they just call it Bonifacio? One word?

That’s just me nitpicking. Can’t shake off the urban planner in me. Now that that’s out of the way, hello BGC. The upside is, Bonifacio’s management does try to do some pretty amazing things. I have long been a fan of their public art and open spaces. They plan to keep 15% of the land development as open spaces for outdoor activities. Wish there were more trees though…

BGC recently opened theme parks, Terra 28th, Track 30th, and Turf BGC. And here’s how awesome BGC is – Terra 28th and Track 30th are open to the public FREE OF CHARGE. This makes me want to take up running.

Terra 28th is a playground for kids and families who simply want to hang out together and have fun. It has creative installations for hands-on outdoor play. Track 30th is designed with lush greens, eco-friendly functional installations, and areas for exercising and meditating. In Turf BGC, the publicly-accessible football field frequented by Azkals and UFL teams, the exciting sport found a new home and attracted new legions of fans.

BGC sent me photos of the parks. They heard that I’m passionate about the need for public parks, playgrounds for kids and kids at heart and public art. All photos from BGC Press Kit.


Interactive art. This Color Me Chameleon changes its skin color with the turning of its colorful glass beads.


Back to outdoor basics at Terra 28th’s Larong Pinoy area where traditional Filipino games of piko, habulan-taya, holen, luksong baka, and patintero can be played.


Terra 28th’s colorful Rest and Play Ribbon playground set has monkey bars, swings, and see-saws. Unfortunately I do not see any trees. I don’t think kids can play here ’til 5pm. It’s just too hot. I love the play sets though. Wish my little park project in my community can get something like these. (I am struggling with that, by the way.)


Track 30th’s Raised Running Disc helps track the distance the runner has covered. It is made of recycled shredded rubber.


Yoga practices at Track 30th. Specific Gravity yoga school in BGC guides the guests in their stretches.


Made from old telephone posts, Pole Position is a functional installation for stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, and other fitness routines.


This is Turf BGC, a publicly accessible football field in a highly urbanized area. Turf BGC uses Max-S artificial turf made of ternate yarn, produced by Limonta Italy, a FIFA-certified Preferred Turf Producer.


Terra 28th and Track 30th are open to the public free of charge daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. For Turf BGC reservation and schedule of activities, call 816-2372. Visit for more information.



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  • Ninamsantamaria

    this is great! tweeting this.  I don’t have kids or younger siblings so otherwise I wouldn’t have “stumbled” upon this place.  Hoping for a renaissance of Pinoy childhood games for today’s kids, Thanks for sharing! 

    • Anonymous


  • jacc

    We really need more parks- interactive ones like those in Baguio. 

  • Rachiel

    Not sure what happened to my previous comment so here I go again… I love this!! This is one of the things I am looking for when I return to the Philippines for my holiday. A place where we can just enjoy nature and its beauty. 

    Will make sure to go here next time!

  • Vrgndcpn

    Very nice.hope there will be more of these around coz kids nowadays only knows malls as a usual hang are right for pointing out the lack of trees.probably they will plant now it has come to attention.

    • Anonymous

      let’s hope

  • Lady Spring

    I wonder if we are ever going to have a city with curated plants/trees like in Japan. Wish they’d line streets with Palawan Cherry trees or Champaca. Doesn’t matter if there are parks. Who would bring their kids there, walang shade~ ang init! Plus more trees = reduces overall heat.

    • Anonymous

      Makati has some trees in some sidewalks. Then of course there’s McKinley Road. I love the canopy of leaves over the street.

  • Melissa_8475

    i love it! yeah, i wish there were trees, lots of trees.

  • Isabel Gatuslao

    Agree with you 100% on the naming. Bonifacio. Period.

    • Anonymous


  • Isabel Gatuslao

    Agree with you 100% on the naming. Bonifacio. Period.

  • Milleth

    Hi Daphne, please let me go out of the topic, I just like to ask if you won’t mind taking pictures with you when i saw you outside?

    • Anonymous

      Of course I won’t mind. Looking forward to meeting you…

      • Milleth

        thanks… thanks so much you are indeed so nice inside and out…

        • Anonymous

          thank you

  • Anonymous

    nitpicking is correct. ang o.a. lopez naman.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

  • Jeanrjavier

    Turf is where my boy has soccer class weekly, very nice I didn’t even realize it was fake grass! LOL on the very first part of the post because it is just SO TRUE ;-p

  • Deepa

    The Rest & Ribbon playground looks like it could be in Singapore.

  • Carla

    Oh… So so nice! Whoever thought of these deserves an award! We definitely need MORE enriching places here to bring our kids other than the ubiquitous malls! Seriously, I like walking around in air-conditioned comfort but aside from eating and watching movies, the kids usually end up begging us to buy toys, spending (wasting) money at the arcade, or complaining that finding a parking slot is taking too long. I have long been so jealous of the public parks, libraries, and museums in Singapore. I am so happy we now have these beautiful playgrounds plus the Mind Museum. Hopefully there will be more to come.

  • ishoponmondays

    Hello! I live around the area, and I was mighty glad when they opened the playground for FREE. I used to bring my baby to the indoor mall parks/playground and spend lots… But this playground is awesome. He plays, walks and runs, while I jog. 

    And, yes, I wish there were more trees too, because I only go to the park after 4pm or later…

    To BGC, thank you for thinking of this wonderful place, playgrounds and parks in the midst of urbanization. I had posted a picture of me and my little one on my FB, hoping to thank BGC… I hope this reaches them 🙂

    • Estate Engineer

      Welcome. 🙂

  • Mrs. M

    Hi, Daphne.  So glad you liked the play sets.  It was my brother who manufactured them. Unfortunately, some of the sets were vandalized early on by some kids who stole the metal parts (!) and sold them to scrap buyers.  I was shocked when I learned about this but it is a sad reality– some kids go to the playground not only to play. 🙁 

  • Mrs. Kolca

    This is very nice. I wanna take my family here soon!

  • Lady Spring

    Hello! I saw this playground design and thought you might find it interesting.

    Blaxland Riverside Park, Australia

  • Nates

    Hi Miss Daphne! It’s nice seeing you again on screen @ C.Tales! (I really miss those U.Z. days.)
    Four of us tried Jogging under the rain at Track 30th. It was fun! Adding up with the challenge are the varying highs and lows of the Green Pavement. Even if you start late, there’s always a Security Guard standing by, sometimes doing some patrol duties. I also hope that they add real trees as opposed to that art installation, that funny-looking tree that doesn’t serve any function, well besides being attractive under the day light. Overall, the idea was a breath of fresh air!


    • Anonymous

      wow that sounds great. and great suggestions!!!