Fresh new start at home



One of the easiest ways to refresh your home in this new year season is by updating some accessories. Instead of going for a specific look that’s on-trend, you can try sticking to a specific colour. This way, your range of styles will be wider, and you won’t get stuck with a look that may eventually go out of style. While going around SM Home at The SM Store, I found some the neatest blue accessories. Blue has the effect of calmness and serenity.


This pitcher’s shade of blue is a great addition to any home. It has a nice rustic carafe shape but the handle gives it more practicality. I also like the double lined plastic mason jars. I’ve been using glass for my juices. But this is great for the kids’ drinks.


This sofa will work well in a condo or in a family room. It looks so inviting that you just want to plop yourself in the middle of that crease. SM Home also has a wide selection of framed wall art. You may consider a seasonal rotation of framed art.


I love the simple lines of this chair. And that blue fabric upholstery just gives it a modern Scandinavian vibe.


I’m loving these storage bins. They really make it easy to stay organized. And I particularly love these blue and white striped version.


Serve ware that looks like expensive cookware.


A little rustic, a little country. Perfect tableware for breakfast.


How are you approaching this fresh new start to 2015? Any new updates or plans for your home? Share your stories with me by using the hashtag #practicalhomesolutions #practicalhomeinspirations

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  • Karl Marty Balingit

    Love those styles! We’re doing some renovations to our apartment so will try to imitate that. Thanks! 🙂

  • Daphne Toledo

    Hello Daphne!
    The internet led me to your blog and I’m here wanting to click every single link and entry. I rarely post anything on the internet but I just have to say that we have the same style & taste!
    I can’t believe you created those chic chairs @Dimensione, I just thought then that I was meant to own one because it’s exactly what I want (and it’s my namesake 🙂 ).
    I love your NBS line too! The same prints and patterns I tend to choose. Thanks for making our name classy and tasteful 😉

    • Anonymous

      Hello DAPHNE 🙂

      Thanks so much for your very sweet message. I really appreciate it. And thanks for noticing my stuff (and blog). Hope you stick around. Let me know what interests you so I can address it….

  • Vilma Acebedo

    Hi!watched the episode with RYZZA . I love the colors and print of your tote bags. i’ll drop by NBS to buy one.thanks nanette cosico

    • Anonymous