Fun Farm at Santa Elena



This was always a problem for my friends and me – there’s not much to do for small kids in the city. We don’t have amazing parks or open spaces where they can run freely. Everything is mall-based. We’ve pretty much exhausted that. We’re members of a club where the kids get to do their sports and “cultural” activities. But I don’t want them growing up thinking life is one big country club. That’s why we got this. But it’ll take a while to build a little cottage there.

I’m so glad there’s Fun Farm at Santa Elena. This lovely place was created by Hindy Tantoco and her family – so their little kids could enjoy being around farm animals and doing things that we used to do as kids. We spent a whole day here with some friends. I’m posting a lot of photos here, so make sure you click “More…” to see all the activities and find out how to get there.


Soph, Lily and the pony ride – they must have gone around 10 times in different combinations (Sophia and Stella, Lily and Stella, plus their friends).


Stella and the teepee jungle gym.


Feeding the bunnies. The most popular activity for my girls.


They’re begging to have a pet bunny. But when Soph was two, her pet bunny died and it was traumatic!


They also fed guinea pigs.


But the bunnies were the favourites.


Carabao ride


I did everything they did.


Click More…


Joy ride at high noon.




Go ahead and get dirty, girls!! It’s good for you.


At the sandpit.


There’s always one kid who hates sand in her feet… so much like me.


I balanced on the rope across the little pond. It was harder than it looked.


The kids did the same on dry land.


Dodging giant red ants, all part of the fun.


My Lily, still dancing like no one is looking.


Peaceful co-existence.


All the animals had names. I forgot Carabao’s name. She took a nice bath mid-afternoon.


Happy carabao.


Lily caught a fish (a few, actually). No fish were hurt in this activity. They were all put back into the pond.


Thank you for the huge open spaces.


Sophia ran to me and said she helped herd all the sheep into their cottage. I couldn’t understand what she meant ’til I saw this.


It wasn’t easy saying goodbye. Santa Elena is a beautiful place!


Fun Farm is heaven for kids and kids at heart. Bring your own snacks if you’re going. There’s a comfortable pavillion with picnic tables.


Fun Farm is located in Santa Elena Golf & Country Estate. Though it is open to the public, you will have to make advanced arrangements. It’s not on a walk-in basis. Call 0920-913-1349 for reservations. Or check out the websites of Holy Carabao and Santa Elena.



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  • Janina

    Yay! Thanks for posting this.  Another thing we can do with the kiddies.

    • Anonymous

      alternate with skating. yay!

  • monette

    where is this?

    • Anonymous

      in Santa Elena (see link pls)

  • teewS M.

    awww..   reminds me of my childhood memories back in our island home. Yes I think iba pa din un fun, values and ideas  from the traditional activities, games and recreations.  Gadgets and traditional life = ?.  Happy for your kids.

    • Anonymous


  • Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    I like your phrase: “But I don’t want them growing up thinking life is one big country club.”

    A mom like you, I want my kids to experience the days without gadgets. My boys are not fond of going to the malls anymore, unless there’s a promise that they’ll be going to Timezone. LOL

    Santa Elena is interesting. Should be checking it out one of these days. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

    • Anonymous

      I like balance. I hope they grow up the same… “balanced” and appreciative of the world around them.

  • Danghipolito

    looks like a lot of fun, Ms. Daphne ! on top of our list the next time we visit the philippines.

  • Karla F. Santos

    First time I went here was about 4 years ago, my eldest had their field trip here. The kids had so much fun then. We went again last year, again for a field trip (for a different school and kid) and I was pleasantly surprised that it looked maintained and they had more activities and animals now. Really nice. I wouldnt mind going back again and spend a weekend here.

  • Karla F. Santos

    And your Lily is just like my second daughter. She dances and even does her own choreography. She recently found the art and beauty of accessorizing. Really cute 🙂

  • Che Dela Rosa

    Kisses and Choc-Nut

  • weng

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Now I’ve found an alternative way to enjoy a weekend.  And I think, this is more fun than going to mall. =)

  • mark

    thanks daphne! wow its an alternative way to enjoy a weekend with my kid..   

  • Etiquette De Manille

    Visiting the farm is a nice way of collecting fun memories with our children…

  • Maya

    thankfully i grew up in Davao where we had our own farm. my kids need to try this experience

  • Joseree Austria-Hael

    thanks for the information…just in time we are planning a family getaway this February to celebrate my Father’s bday!

  • Dinchu19

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.