Daphne Furniture® is a line of hand-carved wooden furniture made in the Philippines.

Daphne Furniture® draws inspiration from both the colonial period of Philippine history when furniture from Europe made it to the fine homes of Filipino families and the modern lifestyles of contemporary Filipinos. It incorporates handcrafted details prevalent in the tropical islands of the Philippines – basketry, solihiya or caning weaves, wood carving — done my craftsmen who have mastered these skills through generations of practise within their families.

Daphne Furniture®, represents a nostalgic charm that has prompted a Vogue Italia writer to say that the furniture line takes her “back 20 years to my dolls’ house”. The iconic piece, the “Daphne chair,” has inspired other creatives to draw, paint, bake and sculpt similar shapes in their craft. It has been featured in Elle Decoration, Town and Country, and the top newspapers in the Philippines. The Daphne, a small accent chair in muted pastel colours carved with a stylised fleur de lis motif gilded in silver or gold leaf, has become a sought after piece for collectors and a milestone gift for young girls. It appeals to the playfulness and nostalgic sensibilities of those longing for slower times, when things were all made by hand.

“Nostalgia is a big part of my collection. But again, it depends on how it’s interpreted by the viewer. My pieces start off from classical forms. They are handmade by an export-accredited and award-winning furniture manufacter. So they’re not just toys.  They are seriously functional and well-made. I try to give the pieces a contemporary edge with the use of new finishes and textures. I have classic wing chairs that are hand-carved and finished in distressed paint but I counterbalance it with a more masculine houndstooth fabric upholstery. There are pieces that are more serious and some a bit playful.” – Daphne Oseña Paez

Made of kiln-dried mahogany, handmade in The Philippines

For bespoke orders: info@daphne.ph