Garage sale this weekend





As some of you know through Facebook and Instagram, I’ll be selling my stuff at a garage sale this weekend at 8 Tangile, North Forbes. This is the home of my friend. It’s my first time to join them in their annual garage sale. I’ll be selling my clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen appliances, a bicycle and whatever I can let go of from my home. I will be posting some photos of my stuff tonight.

My friend has posted some of her items online to give you a preview. Her things are so beautiful! And lots of stuff for men too! Here are some of her items. You can find more in our Facebook event page.

And yes, it is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Just tell the guard in North Forbes Park that you are going to the garage sale in 8 Tangile. Please bring your own ecobag. Also, we are so sorry, we don’t have a fitting room. If you’d like to try something on, please wear comfy clothing so you can slip clothes on top.


Hermes 100% silk ties. Authentic. No box. P500 each


Hermes 100% silk ties. Authentic. No box. P500 each


Bally and Cole Haan men’s shoes. Size 8-9. P1000 each.


Assorted long sleeves Brooks Brothers shirts. Size 15.5. P300 each.


Assorted baskets P50 to P175 each


More baskets P50 to P150 each


LAUREN by Ralph Lauren shoes. Size 7. P900


Salvatore Ferragamo mules. Size 7. Two inch heel. P3,000 negotiable.


For more info, check out Garage Sale @ Tangile.



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