Gaudi’s Barcelona





Have you been seeing DAPHNE Diaries on the Lifestyle Network? It is a set of short segments on my Barcelona trip airing randomly across the channel. I will post them on my YouTube channel soon.

In the meantime, I made my own DAPHNE Diaries. By “my own” I mean, I photographed and shot everything, wrote, voiced over, presented, edited on iMovie and posted on You Tube. For the two on-cam spiels (in La Sagrada Familia and Sant Felip Neri, I got some help from my official DOP, Carlo Lina). So for my YouTube channel, I’m back to being a one-woman show. Haha. Just like how I started on TV with “Video Postcards”. Big hug to those who remember that.

I hope you like this. I’m working on more. So please may I ask you a favour. Please show me some love by “liking” and subscribing to it in YouTube as well as sharing and reposting the video. It’s a labour of love.




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  • Vera

    I love it! Haven’t seen Daphne Diaries on Lifestyle yet so I am looking forward to you sharing them here or on Facebook.
    Thank you for a brief education on Gaudi’s Barcelona. goodness, that La Sagrada Familia has so much detail! Ang ganda! Thank you so much!

    • Anonymous

      I could go on and on about La Sagrada Familia. I didn’t even touch on the symbolism and the geometry. Haha super nerd here.