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In 2010, my three daughters caught a nasty virus that got them down for a week. It was the dreadful Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or HFMD. My eldest caught it in her school and the two young ones caught it from her immediately. I freaked when the doctor told me the illness because I immediately associated it with Foot & Mouth Disease of cattle and pigs. But the two are totally different and unrelated. Turns out HFMD is not uncommon among children under 5. And sometimes adults can get it. I didn’t.


Hand Foot Mouth Disease
These were the spots on Stella’s hand


Hand Foot Mouth Disease
She had them all over her feet too. Some were like blisters.


My kids HFMD started as a fever then these strange red spots showed up on the soles of their feet and palms of their hands. They also got spots around their mouth and some sores inside their mouth. It was horrible. They couldn’t eat. There was no cure for it except hydration, rest and if needed fever and pain relief medicines. I was very conscious about stopping the spread of this virus so I alerted my kids schools immediately so other parents wouldn’t send their kids to school if they had those spots and sores (a lot of HFMD cases go unidentified).


Lily's nails. Caused by HFMD
My friends warned me that their kids lost their nails after a few weeks or months. It happened to mine. Here’s what Lily’s nails looked like months after she got HFMD. Some nails fell off but eventually grew back normally. Very strange.


Whenever we go through a cycle of viral illness at home, I get so tense about cleaning and disinfecting. I’m a serial handwasher and I force my girls to be as well. But they are kids and can’t control what and where they touch. Aside from handwashing, I have my regular schedule for disinfecting my home.


GK Surface (500ml)
I’m currently trying some products from my new blog sponsor, Germ Killer. This range of disinfectants doesn’t use harsh and flammable alcohol as its main ingredient. Germ Killer uses a water-based formulation safe on all surfaces and not hazardous to people. It claims to be effective against gram-positive (sore throat) and gram-negative bacteria (salmonella, E. coli), MRSA (skin infections), viruses such as H1N1, HFMD, mould and mildew.


GK Air
GK Air


GK Brochure
GK Surface cleans and disinfects in one step. This is the most convenient of the range as it doesn’t require any dilution. It can be used on stove tops, tiles and even fabric.


GK Brochure2
GK Concentrate is for heavy duty cleaning, soaking of kitchen sponges and soaps, mopping floors and cleaning toys (no second rinse required).



Germ Killer is now available in Ace Hardware, Ace Express, Handyman, Wilcon and Citihardware branches. For the month of April they are giving out samples at Baby and Beyond. For more information check out their Facebook page. We are also doing a raffle/givewaway through this blog. It’s open to anyone with a Philippine address.


Germ Killer will be giving away three full sets like this. It contains the full range of Germ Killer disinfectants – Air, Surface and Concentrate. Also in the package are various sponges and wipe cloths from Arix. Raffle is open to anyone with a Philippine address. GK will send the prizes to you.


Just follow these easy steps from Rafflecopter. You will get a greater chance of winning if you tweet about the contest once a day. But it only if you do it through this Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!!!


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