Gluten-free vanilla cupcakes



I really love my new kitchen. Since it started operating, I think I have improved my cooking skills. I should say, at least I have increased my interest in cooking and baking. I’m not yet brave enough to show you photos or share recipes. Perhaps one day…

Yesterday the kids and I baked cupcakes. Now I won’t pretend to be Martha Stewart. I’ve used boxed bake mixes. Hey, I like to keep our lives simple. But lately I haven’t been seeing Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and other brands on the shelves. I haven’t seen any of those canned frosting either.  Then I saw Stonewall Kitchen‘s gluten-free Vanilla Cupcakes (mix) in Rustan’s and decided to give it a try.


Baking gluten free vanilla cupcakes with Lily.
Lily and I waited 20 minutes for the cupcakes to rise. The mix instructions are easy. Just add butter and egg. So if you are allergic to dairy, this isn’t for you. Please look for substitutes.


Waiting for our vanila cupcakes to cool. Then we frost. #vanillacupcakes
Lily chose from our pretty cupcake liners. We have a huge collection (because I love to acquire them). These are from my sister Johanna in Toronto. Here they are waiting to cool. Note, the vanilla part smells so good! The entire house was salivating…


Finished product by Soph, Lily & Stella. Food colouring freaks me out. But boy, did we have fun mixing them.
The frosting mix comes in powder form. You have to add milk and butter then blend. It’s all white. My kids have been watching a lot of Nerdy Nummies (she is awesome!) and told me that it’s easy to turn the frosting into different colours. Lo and behold I just happened to have food colouring in my pantry (have no idea why). And we came up with purple and pink! The sprinkles were purchased in Toronto but they’re all over baking stores here in Manila.


The verdict? YUMMY! All three kids loved it. My brother in law who is trying to have a gluten-free diet loved it! Patrick and I loved it. I’m buying more!

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