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I’ve been following Col. Chris Hadfield on Twitter and Facebook. I love all his photos and updates from outer space. Col. Hadfield is the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station.

Sophia and I spent the afternoon watching his you tube videos about life in the space station. Then we ended up in this particular video about how he achieved his seemingly impossible goal of becoming an astronaut.

I’ve achieved nowhere near what an astronaut has achieved. But I can totally relate to what he said. Someone wise once told me the same thing (I think it was our guidance councillor in my Toronto high school) — that everything you do should add up to getting you closer to your end goal. I was in my mid-teens and I was already thinking of how my resume would look and this affected the kind of summer job I chose, the courses I specialized in and the extra-curricular activities I joined. And I had fun along the way.

Col Hadfield says it better.  Hope you find inspiration in this clip.



“Don’t measure the success of your life by one thing at the end. Measure the success of your life by each of the small victories along the way.” Col. Chris Hadfield.



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  • Ernie Pac

    The quotation is really inspiring.