Thinking of chopping my hair tomorrow. How short should I go?
I had the urge to get my haircut last week. I’d been pondering on going short again. Like chin length or shorter. Thank you to all of you who gave me advice in Facebook and Instagram.


This is as short as we can go. Both Alex Carbonel and I decided together. Haha. Thanks for all the advice and pegs you sent here in IG, twitter and facebook.
So this is what Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix at Greenbelt 5 gave me. Exactly what I imagined.


Just met #Charice Pempengco at Studio Fix. We both had a salon day with Alex Carbonel.
I even got to meet Charice Pempengco at the salon. We were having our hair rinsed at the same time. Alex was the one who restyled Charice and gave her this edgier look.


Day 2 of my shorter haircut by Alex Carbonell. This was yesterday. Still loving it! Hi salon is Studio Fix at Greenbelt 5&3.
The next day, this is how my hair looked like after I taped the talkshow.


Alex Carbonell
Studio Fix, Greenbelt 5 and 3
For appointments call 0927-576-7698



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  • cheekeegirl

    You look fresh and younger Ms. Daphne. I really look up to your style…