Hari Sonik is huge





When I first saw the invitation to Elmer Borlongan’s first art toy collaboration with Secret Fresh Gallery, I was so thrilled I texted the gallery’s Bigboy Cheng right away. Of course most if not all the 45 pieces they made were sold or spoken for. Elmer Borlongan is who he is. And the toy genre has become a very strong player in the art scene.

Hari Sonik is freaky looking. So freaky that both Patrick and I think it’s cool. Hari Sonik represents what most Pinoys love and celebrate – music. And I love the name. Sounds so like a Pinoy joke. And no, the speakers don’t work. It’s art. Smile.

When I asked Bigboy how big it was (thinking it was good enough for a console table or niche), he said it was 3 ft tall. OMG. The size of Stella.

We had to see for ourselves.


There they are.


I finally met the man! Our very generous donor in UNICEF’s Auction for Action.


And another artist I admire – Plet Bolipata, Elmer’s wife. Here we are in front of a life sized Hari Sonik. There were six of these big ones produced.


Caught this one by chance. Elmer and his nieces and nephews.


So, yeah. Hari Sonik is a bit big.

Now everyone at home is freaked out. Haha.



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