Heima Brixton



Everytime I see a playful piece of furniture locally I know it’s from Heima®. This is actually how they describe themselves — “We’re a company that designs quirky furniture and furnishings for your home.”

I’ve had the chance to work with the Heima team in the first season of DAPHNE Furniture®. It was an instant meeting of the minds between me and Rossy Yabut. I almost worked with her in the re-styling of my home and renovation of my kitchen. But I got too distracted. Back then, Rossy was engaged to her business partner Bong Rojales. Now they’re married. And they’re about to give birth to their third baby – the Pasig branch they call Heima Brixton.

At first glance you’ll feel it’s got this grown up prettier version of the “hipster” vibe. It always gives me an Etsy feeling. But the Heima kids aren’t just playing. They’re very serious about their craft and community.


The new website goes live on March 17.


The cutest catalog. Love the layout and fonts.


Paper Club
The new Pasig branch has this little corner they call the Paper Club. They also sell books and magazines.


Set_Decors - Babel Totems, Trim Phone (Blue), Heima Pillows
Babel Totems, Blue Trim Phone, and Heima Pillows


Sophie Chair 2
They call this the Sophie Chair.


Metal Mesh Media Console 3
Metal mesh media console.


Metal Mesh Drawers 1
Metal mesh drawers.


Drea_CSLewis on A2 Print
This is not another “Keep Calm” poster.


For more information on Heima, here’s their Facebook page.


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