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If you recall my ice bucket challenge, I included breast cancer awareness in addition to the ALS campaign. Here’s the video again.

This year I got to witness how I Can Serve Foundation supports women with breast cancer. I love that they are so committed to promoting awareness, especially since the Philippines has the highest rate of breast cancer in the region. I strongly believe that early detection is the best way to fight this disease. So women in their 20’s should do a monthly breast self-exam. Women in their 30’s should do the monthly self-exam plus annual physical check up with a doctor. Women in their 40’s should do all that plus have an annual mammogram. There is nothing to be scared of. Mammograms don’t hurt, they’re just a little bit uncomfortable. So please let this be a reminder to all my female readers. Please, have yourself checked regularly.

After I took the ice bucket challenge, I donated some money to I Can Serve to help fund mammograms. Congresswoman Leni Robredo did the same thing, though she skipped the ice bucket aspect because she was recovering from a cold. She mentioned in her Facebook that she took inspiration from what I did. (I actually challenged her by email, haha.) We are now looking into working together for the women of Naga with I Can Serve though its founder Kara Alikpala. It’s amazing how these things happen.

In the meantime, I am volunteering to help out in I Can Serve’s Rockwell booth during the month of October, breast cancer awareness month. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of October, I Can Serve will have a booth selling special items to help spread awareness and raise funds. I will let you know which day I will be there so hopefully I can meet some of you.

Here’s a sample of what’s available at the I Can Serve booth. Some of them are available at I Can Serve’s online shop now. There are more…


I can serve

01 Limited edition Swatch watch

02 Happy Skin’s Just Married lipstick, available where Happy Skin products are sold. See below.

03 Reminder band

04 Messy Bessy “The Pink Warrior”

05 Mid Chevron fan

06 Greeting Card. In lieu of a gift (or accompanying a gift!)  make a donation in someone’s name to the ICanServe Foundation. Bi-fold card measures 7 inches X 7 inches. Includes: card, holiday ornament, envelope with lining and a sealer with the Foundation’s logo.


I Can Serve Tshirt designed by Bleach, P500 available online here.


Every October, with any Just Married purchased in any place where Happy Skin is sold (Rustan’s, Beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints), Happy Skin will donate P10 to I Can Serve. I totally vouch for this line of lipsticks. Just Married is one of my favourite colours. It’s got that lovely pale pink that’s perfect either for a dressy occasion with a smoky eye or for every day non-occasions as a nude. It’s very natural-looking. Each lippie is loaded with shea butter and collagen to keep lips supple and hydrated like a lipbalm. It is highly-pigmented yet moisture-packed. P499.


For more information on how to donate, volunteer, or partner with I Can Serve Foundation, click here.



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