Illustrations of Raine Sarmiento



Illustrated me by Raine Sarmiento


I got a huge surprise this morning in my inbox. Illustrator Raine Sarmiento sent me an email a few months ago, introducing me to her work. I loved her style so much, I asked her to do an illustration of my three daughters. While she’s still working on the drawings, she sent me this lovely illustration of me in my Daphne-fied world.

I. Love. It.


Raine 1
Here are some of the illustrations she’s done. You can view more of Raine’s personal work here.


Raine 2
When I showed my girls the illustrations, Lily shrieked. She said it was just like her Candy  School Diary. Lily wants to be an illustrator when she grows up. And true enough, Raine designed the cover of this Candy diary. She’s also done a lot of illustrations for other magazines.


Raine 3
Cotton. Lead, lumograph, colored pencil and watercolor on vellum board (8.5” x 11” 220 GSM)


Raine 4
Mary HotPot. Oil and graphite on chopping board


Promise to show you her drawings of Sophia, Lily and Stella once its done. Check out Raine Sarmiento’s portfolio and blog.



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  • Mieke Zamora-Mackay

    Wow! This is awesome work!

  • Anonymous

    Love Raine! She did my illustration and blog logo/design! So talented she is. I also love her illustration of you! 🙂