I’m changing the mechanics for the LASIK giveaway




I’ve decided to remove the Facebook “Like” aspect as previously mentioned in the mechanics. I thought I’d add some fun to the exercise while gaining more “likes” in my page, but some of you have expressed reservations about joining because of the campaigning part (popularity contest). I understand.

So to make things easier for you, there will be no Facebook campaigning.

But since I reserve the right to do whatever I want with my certificate from American Eye Center – which I could have given to my sister or any of my relatives – I will still select 12 candidates. Some have asked what criteria. Goodness, this is just a gift. So I figured, whatever story touches me – doesn’t have to be bleeding heart or desperate, doesn’t have to be with perfect grammar, no need for total English either. It could be shallow or completely life changing. I will try to choose 12 that represent various needs.

You can enter your comments in this page, until 6:00 pm today August 1.

The 12 candidates will be posted tonight. And I will do the final selection by random.

Winner will be announced by Tuesday August 2 before 12 noon.


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