I’m still here



I’m still here. I’ve just been incredibly busy the past week. It was all about my school homecoming, my daughter’s pool party, my parents’ arrival and planning a trip. I haven’t had a moment to sit down and blog. I do have some stories in the back burner.

Just wanted to share some photos taken by my friend Dan Gil. I grew up with Dan in the same quaint neighbourhood back when we all had beautiful backyards and we could skateboard down tree-lined streets. Those were The Wonderyears. Fast-forward to now, Dan is quite the creative genius. He runs a music/audio provider and recording studio called Liquid Post. He’s part of an ad agency, and he’s in a band called Chillitees.  He does a lot more than that, actually. Two weeks ago, we had lunch in Makati. We’re hoping to do a project together — purely for the love of creativity.

While waiting for our food, Dan whipped out his Fuji camera and began shooting me. I didn’t have makeup on that day. Ok, so I may have drawn on my brows with K-Palette. But no other chorvas. And I was running so late that day, I didn’t get to wash my hair. It was in a messy bun. I’m sharing this because I think in this day an age of over-styling and rampant (and useless) photoshopping of my square jaw, I find raw images like these quite refreshing. Or am I delusional?








All photos by Dan Gil.



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