iPhone drama and UNICEF success

Last Saturday at the Sofitel, at the height of all the fun we were having — swimming, eating, watching the sunset, going to cocktail hour, champagne brunch, night swimming — I dropped my iPhone4 in water for less than 5 seconds. I keep reliving that moment in slow mo.

I will spare you the drama. My phone broke. It got revived. Then it broke again. At this point, I just don’t know anymore. I’ve wasted too much time on this. I wish iPhone5 would come out already.


Dropped my phone in water
Buried my phone in rice.


I am so behind with my work. I will try not to think about this phone for the next three days… or one year. I owe you blogposts and stories. It’s coming, all today.

On a very positive note, the UNICEF Auction for Action launch last Wednesday went very very well. The site went live at 4pm on May 25. In two minutes we sold our first item – Kristine Dee’s Cradle pendant. And in 30 minutes we sold two more items. It was phenomenal. The site continues to be on fire. This idea of an online auction was just amazing. I hope you check out the items – you may be able to score a beautiful art piece, designer furniture, jewelry or special tickets to the World Cup Qualifier with the Azkals.


May 25, 2011 8am
A big thank you to my friend Karen Davila and the ANC Headstart team. They gave us the whole show on Wednesday to promote Auction for Action. With us was Ms Vanessa Tobin, UNICEF Country Representative. (By the way, off topic, but that was the debut of my haircut by Alex Carbonel of Studio Fix Greenbelt 5. I’m wearing K&Company’s current colour-block collection. I took off the purple belt though and just wore a neutral leather belt. I struggle with colour blocking.)


I’ll be doing a complete post about the launch. I’m still hungover from the success of the launch — humbled and grateful by the support of the art and design community, my friends in media, art lovers and genuine UNICEF supporters. It was a great day!

In the meantime, please click on this photo… it’ll take you to the UNICEF Ebay site.




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