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I’ve been waiting for the “go ahead” from Isabel to allow me to blog about her Paper. She had consulted me about this “crazy” idea of creating her own line of stationery. I told her it wasn’t crazy and it would totally work. So I cheered her on. She sent me her first gen samples. And somewhere along the way, National Book Store came into the picture. And then I had to wait until everything was sure. National Book Store met Isabel through my site. They hired her to design their 70th anniversary logo. I love these beautiful connections that happen.

I’ve actually spent an afternoon with Isabel at the printer’s office – choosing paper, checking out textures, looking for an embosser – while working on my own personal and business stationery which she designed. We went on and on about texture and weight of paper. While I’d been lackadaisical about proceeding with the print of my stationery, Isabel had already printed, packaged and sold her idea to the biggest bookstore chain in the country.

You should read about Isabel’s own story of how she came about doing each note emblem and pattern here. When I read it, I felt a little tug. I really am so happy for the success and attention Isabel is getting now. Humbled that she always refers back to me as her gateway and mentor. I remember this line I wrote in my blog entry, “2011 year end report” — “Because of this blog I re-learned that when you do things you truly love and the passion, hard work and drive are there, good things really happen.”

Good things are happening.


Isabel’s first line is inspired by all things England. Hence the collection name, Anglophilia. But don’t expect literal reference to the Union Jack here. Instead you’ll find simplistic icons and emblems of a pipe, a dog and military paraphernalia.


This is Pipe, inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The vertical fret pattern represents smoke coming out of the pipe.


Chevron for obvious reasons. And the emblem is an eagle associated with the military theme.


I have a soft spot for winged emblems as a daughter of a winged one. And I like how not literally military Chevron is. Photo by Terry Uy.


Agador notes are lined with a houndstooth pattern on the back side because as Isabel says, Agador is a hound (dog).


This is Agador. Named so because of Raab’s whippet named Agador Spartacus. Raab of the terrarium now-fame.



Isabel Gatuslao Paper
Price  P475
Contains 10 flat notecards in mighty thick paper with 10 black envelopes and clear sticker seals.
Available in National Book Store Rockwell, Greenbelt, Glorietta 1, Alabang, Shangri-La and Quezon Avenue. PowerBooks Greenbelt, Alabang & Shangri-La.



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