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This is adorable. I had no idea that my little habit of writing thank you notes left an imprint on Isabel Gatuslao. She writes about it here. Funny, like Isabel, I’ve also kept all the notes that Lucy Torres-Gomez has sent me. She is a serial note sender and gift giver. Truly a lovely woman.

Part of my branding exercise with Isabel in 2011 was to come up with my own personal and brand stationery. The design has been created since day one of our project. But I haven’t gotten around to giving the go signal to print. Part of me is holding back because I love other designer’s stationery. And I don’t mind sending them out. But I know, I know… I must have my own. For now, I actually have post cards, also designed by Isabel.

Isabel just released her second collection of paper products. This one is called Dynasty and is inspired by all things China. In her usual Isabel way, nothing is cliche or over-done. Yes, you’ll see golds and metallics, but they are balanced off with pastel-coloured graphic patterns that have a whisper of chinoiserie.

The awesome part is, you can now buy Isabel Gatuslao Paper from anywhere in the world through her online shop. All photos by Terry Uy.




Harbor is a very strong Chinese icon – the junk. Isabel gives it a very fresh and modern feel by embossing the icon with copper and lining the back with a water pattern in pastel jade. Adorable. Photo by Isabel Gatuslao.


Foo is obviously so because of the foo dogs. Love the metallic blue tint and the latticework pattern in the back.


Yang shows a metallic embossed dragon peeking out of the edge of the paper. This is Yang in Ying and Yang. The pattern shows oriental clouds enclosed in geometric patterns.


Each set is still P475 each. It includes 10 Flat Note Cards, 10 Envelopes & 10 Sticker Seals. The online shop ships anywhere in the Philippines and globally through freight partner UPS. Also available in National Bookstore Rockwell, National Bookstore Shangri-La and PowerBooks Greenbelt 3.

Read about Isabel’s inspiration and design process here.



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