Jewelmer for Unicef



I’ve written about my love for Jewelmer many times. Some have asked if I am a Jewelmer endorser. Technically, no. I’ve never appeared in any of their ad campaigns. But Jewelmer was a major sponsor of F for many years. And that’s the depth of my relationship with their brand. Up to now, when I have special occasions, I can call on them and request to wear their pieces. I did just that last February during our informal F reunion.


With Cher Calvin, Angel Aquino and Amanda Griffin last February 2012. We were drowning (happily) in Jewelmer pearls.


Jewelmer spent the whole media day with us and adorned us in Philippine south sea pearls.


We were photographed by Jake Versoza.


Played dress up. My gown was by Hindy Tantoco. We were styled by Millet Arzaga and MAC Cosmetics team.


Golden south sea pearls never cease to amaze me. These are endemic to the Philippines. Thus, our National Gem.


OMG right?


They are just so stunning.


Designing something. But this golden baroque south sea pearl from Jewelmer is so beautiful as is..
My golden baroque south sea pearl from Jewelmer. I waited months before an idea came up for the setting. Technically this is a baroque pearl even though it looks almost perfectly round to me.


I had it set in 18k gold by Jewelmer using their Stella ring design. But I took out the diamonds on the sides. I wanted the pearl to appear suspended and naked.


This is what I did to my golden south sea pearl from @Jewelmer. I wanted the pearl to appear like it's floating. #happy
I always get complimented whenever I wear this ring. And it’s totally simple!


This is the strand of south sea pearls Jewelmer donated to UNICEF. This is how it appears in the catalog.


Beautiful golden south sea pearl strand from #Jewelmer. In the UNICEF #auction4action.
Here’s what it looked like on my Instagram.


And here’s what it looks like on me. I am falling in love with this strand. Photo by Kat Palasi 2012.


I can’t get over the fact that Jewelmer donated an entire strand of golden south sea pearls to UNICEF’s Auction for Action. I would love this piece to go way above market price to raise more funds for children. But you’ll never know how auctions turn out. You could end up with a strand that’s half the price of retail. Watch this piece on Monday…







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  • SungEmpress

    I love pearls. I think they’re the simplest, most elegant pieces a woman can wear and she can look elegant but not overstated at the same time.

    I also love Cher Calvin’s dress in that Jake Versoza photo. 🙂