Faith icons.  Lucky charms. Prayer beads. Centuries-old craft. Antique charms. Personal and bespoke jewellery.

What started as a personal collection of Daphne’s antique hand-painted medallion charms in 2003, has sparked a movement to appreciate and collect faith-based jewellery inspired by Philippine colonial pieces. Daphne Oseña Paez began stringing her personal collection of lockets and icon pendants while she was a TV presenter for her award-winning program, F. Her jewelry pieces drew the interest of the many viewers of her TV show, prompting her to explore designing new pendants inspired by her antique pieces.

The DAPHNE® Jewellery collection debuted to the public in 2007 with a capsule collection of all-new, hand-painted medals by a contemporary European artist. These are set on 14 carat gold frames hand-crafted in Manila.

In 2018, the DAPHNE® Jewellery pieces continue to be worn and collected by those who seek and want the original.

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