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Joey is one of my favourite designers. He’s made for me some of the most interesting dresses. We first met at a Swarovski event – he was tasked to dress me up. He made me wear pants and some type of barong top. It was not very me at all. I was always into feminine, classic, pretty dresses. But I loved his work from that moment on. Joey has always given me a different perspective of fashion. I like the world of pretty and softness. But he’s the only one who can make me wear architectural and ironic. Here are some from my photo library.


Joey and Me
I appeared in the cover of Lifestyle Asia magazine together with other designers and their muses in 2007. Joey asked me to be his muse. I was floored. This started our many years of collaboration. (Pardon the over-photoshopping of my jaw here. I had nothing to do with it.)


I'm excited about this
This looks simple but it’s actually gravity defying. There’s only one hook that’s holding up the top of this dress. This is’t actually a gown. It comes in two pieces – a strapless top that’s completely opened at the back (but covered in drapes) and huge flowing pants below.


Across the street from Shangrila
He made me a strapless column gown with cuts and patches that are almost invisible, but they added to the shape and sculptural quality of the bodice. Then he added this silk sheath on top to soften the look. Even this sheath had twists, patches and stitches. It was complicated. But the result was beautifully minimalist.


My friend and I got the best mementos from Imelda Marcos
This was a satin trench coat dress. I wore it to the launch of Mrs. Marcos’ jewelry collection.


I love the drama in the back of the dress! Can't wait to wear it again
Here’s Joey showing me the drama of this jersey dress. I wore this weeks after I gave birth to Lily, during the first launch of Olay in the country, 2006.


Cheesy shot, but I just wanted to remember my dress
One of my biggest dresses. It’s even bigger than my wedding gown. Joey made me this ball gown for the second Olay ball in 2007.


One day it will all make sense
A little trivia. I wore the Joey Samson ballgown in this Star Cinema movie photoshoot. I was cast as the sister of John Lloyd Cruz in A Very Special Love. But I never got to actually shoot anything. If you want to know the dirt, here it is. I even lent my other Joey Samson gown to the other female actress Bing Pimentel, and interestingly they placed a brooch in the neckline, LOL. Side story, everyone seemed surprised that I’d lend a gown to another actress. Truth is I overheard the production people say that my ball gown was too dressy compared to the other actress’ cocktail dress so they wanted to dress me down by putting me in a short wig. I almost fainted upon overhearing that. No wigs for me, not for a “role.” So I offered to dress her up in my gown. Note that I don’t lend clothes to anyone, not even my friends. But the situation called for it. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Haha.


Wearing Joey Samson
One of my recent Joey Samson dresses.


My outfit from behind
The same outfit from behind. The skirt is almost transparent. It is, actually. But because he plazed a gazillion yards of tulle fabric, it’s become opaque. Genius.


Makeup by Xeng Zulueta
The caged terno he made for me at the P&G 75th anniversary gala.


There are a other amazing creations on auction – please check them out. We’ve opened the bids up to June 4. We’ve also got sculptures and paintings from award winning artists – a marble sculpture by Seb Chua, photograph by Tom Epperson, a hat by Mich Dulce and many more.


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