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Town & Country - September 2012 - Cover
I first met Joyce Makitalo last September at the shoot of our Alpha Girls cover for Town & Country. Of course I knew of her way before that. She’d been getting good press for the jewellery she creates — and rightfully so.


In October, Joyce donated this beautiful Arjuma pendant to UNICEF’s Auction for Action.


Then at the October Manila FAME, I saw her beautiful Fantasmagorie piece with a reversible cuff. I ordered it on the spot. Because we both got so busy, I just got it last week.


It is so beautiful. It can also be worn as a pendant.


Joyce Makitalo Anguine
A twitter conversation inspired Joyce to create a new line – less chunky but equally stunning. She calls this the Anguine necklace and/or bracelet. It can be worn in many ways. She says I inspired her to work with freshwater pearls.


Our conversation went something like this. Joyce: I think pearls should only be white, not golden. Me: Oh but golden pearls are stunning! And the golden south sea pearl is endemic to the Philippines. Something like that. Next thing I know, she works not only with golden freshwater pearls but also black and other dyed pearls. The result, another amazing piece!


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  • Lia

    Not related to the jewelry. Just wanted to ask if what lipstick you wore on the magazine cover?

    • Anonymous

      oh my. i wouldn’t know.

  • elna

    I love youR cuff/pendant!

  • elna

    Daphne, I love your new cuff/pendant. Will definitely check out Joyce Makitalo’s website. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    where can I buy the anguine? its not yet on her website

    • Anonymous

      I guess you can ask her. her contact details are on the site.

      • Anonymous

        ordered already! thanks : )