Just here



I’m still here.

Just living real life. I’ve been trying to find time to blog but… you know how it is on vacations.

This cold Canadian weather, though a lot of fun for the kids, has caused a lot of skin problems for my girls (and me). Lily has tendency to get eczema, so she was the first one to get dry skin irritation. I came prepared though. I brought our stash of Mustela® — both the Stelatopia range from the Dermo-Pediatrics line and regular moisturizers from the Bebe line.


Stelatopia® Baume Relipidant/Lipid-replenishing  Balm is new. This has helped Lily’s cheeks. We used it as a preventive cream and avoided a full-blown eczema attack. With this Lily also bathes with Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil instead of regular soap.


This is pretty much what my domestic life looks like in my mother’s house. A few magazines, Olay moisturizers and an attempt to finish Grace, A Memoir… and an even more serious attempt to do my nails with some cheap Joe Fresh nail polish.


The magazines have been with me for a week. I haven’t even opened them. The nails are all bare. My hair hasn’t been touched by a brush. And never mind the book.

It is crazy busy for us, but we’re not complaining. Just getting the kids dressed for “winter” is a major task. It’s actually finally spring today. All skin flare ups are under control. One day, I’ll get to brush my hair.

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For more info on Mustela and where to buy in the Philippines, please check out their Facebook page.



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