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I first reviewed K Palette 24 hour tattoo eyeliners and eyebrow liners last January when we did a little giveaway. Since then it has won Look Magazine’s Best Beauty Breakthrough 2012 and Mega Magazine’s Beauty Awards 2012. And it would also get sold out fast in Beauty Bar. But now they are well stocked. I have also find myself wearing no makeup except K Palette brows on a daily basis, like here.

The distributors of K Palette recently sent me new goodies to try.


Eyebrow and eye liners from K Palette.


It’s the same Super Black 24 hour Tattoo Eyeliner but in the cutest packaging. I love pink and I love polka dots. P895.00 in Beauty Bar.


I used this eyeliner yesterday while doing field work. I was out in the sun sweating all day. Everything about me looked withered except my eyeliner. It stayed intact. This is able to withstand extreme humidity and dryness of air-conditioned interiors. Youc an be all sweaty and it won’t run. It’s waterproof but easily removable by soap and water. No need for fancy eye makeup removers.


This is the new 2 Way Eyebrow Liner. I got used to the original eyebrow liner. I eventually got the hang of it because it was easy to apply. The liquid had the right amount of translucence. You can control how deep or light you want your brows. It doesn’t end up looking severe. This new version has an additional powder tip for a more natural looking eyebrow. You can use the liquid tip for the outer eyebrows and the powder tip for the inner eyebrows. Available in 2 colours, P1050.00 at Beauty Bar.


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For more information on K Palette, click here.



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  • Diana_zialcita

    i’m using the 24 hour eye liner one, but it smudges after 3-4 hours. do you apply a makeup base or an eyelid primer before using the liner? if yes, what brand?

    • Anonymous

      no primer whatsoever. mine didn’t smudge at all…

  • Issa

    this is a must try!  looks really interesting….

  • Beccareyes

    Bought one during our monthlong vacation there in the phils, but so sad coz it did not last that long. To be exact it lasted only for a month and one week. Now im back here in KSA, looking for same brand but cant find any.

    • Anonymous

      hm, mine is about 4 months old and it still works. maybe there was a problem with the cap?

      • Becca Reyes

        Is it possible to order online?

        • Anonymous

          best to ask them. posted link of their FB page. thanks.

  • jruth

    Is this available in Toronto?