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I have no real outfit posts except for the ones from when I’m shooting Cocktales. I wish I could post my everyday random outfits but they are just too boring and random. Plus, my phone hadn’t been backed up in a while and I can’t take any more photos. Oh my. Real problems.

Here are the new dresses I’ve worn from K&Company.


Cristalle Belo Henares came to the show. We taped this in mid-August. And yes this is the same K&Company lace dress I wore at the UNICEF press launch. When I love something, I use it over and over. It’s got a lovely shade of grey.


Cristalle talked about how she runs their businesses and her own personal goals of setting up a social enterprise. She had liposuction on her arms and proudly showed the Belo trademark contour on the shoulder area.


Sometimes I do wear prints. For this I played with colours – yellow shagreen cuff and coral earrings (vintage Sardinian coral).


I can make a gazillion silly faces. Stella inherited this trait from me.


Another printed dress. The colours are so refreshing. Wore my charm necklace which tends to flip over a lot. I’m okay with that because that’s the nature of pendants. It happens to Kris Aquino’s necklace too. I usually keep things simple but for this day I wore emerald drop earrings because I’ve missed them so much. I bought them in India last year.


This was when we had Karen Jimeno and Steph Zubiri on.


Former Supreme Court spokesperson Midas Marquez.


I wore the neon yellow/green version of this before. For the purple, I wore an old lariat from Avatar. And that ring, I designed it myself. I fell in love with that mandarin garnet stone and wanted it to appear suspended. Those are green tsavorites around it. Hmm, I should do a post about this ring.


This was shot just a few days ago. I love the colour and sheen of this dress. And it’s a bonus that it’s loose and drapey. For this I wore classic Jewelmer stud earrings. But the necklace is just a 15 dollar neckpiece from Forever 21 two years ago.


Our guest was former Ilocos Representative Ronald Singson who was convicted for 18 months for drug possession in Hong Kong.


This was the first time Ronald agreed to be interviewed on TV, no holds barred. He talked about life in detention, his “old” scene, and his new life. He has quit smoking and hard liquor and does anti-gravity yoga now. This interview will air this Sunday September 30 at 8:30pm on AksyonTV 41.



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    I think you covered all the colors in this post Lady Daphne šŸ™‚ I love your accessories with the purple dress. I wish there’s a closer look of the ring. More power!