Kenneth Cobonpue’s new sculpture

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There are still four days left in our UNICEF Auction for Action in Please click on this logo and it’ll take you to the bidding site. You will see that the auction is going quite well but of course fundraising is never going to be enough. The more funds we raise, the more programs can be run for children in education, nutrition, safety, anti-trafficking and more.

Kenneth Cobonpue was the first artist I asked when we planned this auction. I wanted the auction to represent the best in Filipino design. And Kenneth tops the list. He donated two items, the Boomtown Lamp and the Harry rocking stool. Both are doing so well, I’m excited to see the outcome on Saturday. I think our site will be on fire then! So bid now.

I initially asked Kenneth for one piece. But one thing led to another and he gave two, which I wanted in the first place but didn’t know how to ask. I’m new to art auction for charity. I’ve had experience fundraising in my old sorority during university but this was different. I had to ask artists then I had to ask and hope that people would bid. By now, I have no shame. Haha. But here’s a snippet of our our text went. (Published with permission by both parties)…

Kenneth Cobonpue
Grammar freak that I am… major mistake on my part there. Oops. I meant “you’re”. But anyway, isn’t he so nice?

Just last week Kenneth’s new sculpture at the wellness garden of the Motion Picture and Television Fund in Hollywood was inaugurated. He told me about this last year while it was still in the works. It looks great to see Kenneth’s work in a different context. I think we need public sculptures like this in Manila. For now the best news we have, Kenneth and his colleagues Royal Pineda and Budji Layug are working with the NAIA management on some cosmetic improvements.

Kenneth Cobonpue
So there, yes I get noisy like that. Seriously though, where does the airport money go??? That’s P750 per traveller! NAIA must earn gazillions per day!

Moving on to design news, here is Kenneth’s public sculpture in MPTF in Hollywood.

Kenneth Cobonpue's structure in L.A.
Motion Picture and Television Fund, CA USA

Kenneth Cobonpue's structure in L.A.
Sculpture by Kenneth Cobonpue

In celebration of the dedication of the James and Paula Coburn Foundation
Wellness Garden, numerous members of the entertainment and philanthropic
community attended the dedication event at the Motion Picture &
Television Fund (MPTF) Woodland Hills campus. The wellness garden, one of
the most recent projects generously donated by the James and Paula Coburn
Foundation (JPCF), was designed to provide a shady, relaxing haven for
residents of the MPTF, while providing a fitting legacy to the Coburns.

Located adjacent to the Saban Center for Health and Wellness, amidst
teeming flora, the wellness garden includes a gong, a spherical
continuous motion fountain, and a custom Yin-Yang pergola created by
award-winning designer Kenneth Cobonpue, known for his signature pieces
in natural fibers and materials.
The project encompasses the Coburns’
dedication to health, while incorporating Paula’s love for gardening and
the outdoors and Jim’s spirituality and affinity for Eastern traditions.

Kenneth Cobonpue's structure in L.A.

Kenneth Cobonpue's structure in L.A.
Made of galvanized steel, nylon and polyethylene.

Kenneth Cobonpue's structure in L.A.
Yin-yang pergola.

All photos, from Kenneth Cobonpue’s private facebook account with permission.

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