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My kitchen… is still under construction

I have encountered a delay. And it’s self-inflicted. The carcass of the cabinetry is done. We are almost ready for the solid surface from Rockstone Solid. But yesterday I had this crazy idea of getting a bigger sink. The initial one we got was porcelain. Now I want enameled cast iron. So part of the cabinetry has to be re-done. And the surface has to wait before finalizing the measurement. Toink. Yes, I am complicated šŸ™

A lot of you have been asking for some updates about the kitchen renovation. I don’t have the greatest photos yet. But here’s what I can share. The “Before” pics are very scary. I took them after the kitchen was partially gutted already. And you have to remember, the house was built in the late 1960’s. When I moved in here the water storage was an antique banga. Very authentic.


This is my ceiling before. I tore it all down and wanted to expose the beams. (Sorry for the formatting of the photo. I’ll resize it later).


Here’s what the ceiling looks like with the beam. We lined the roofing with wooden flooring, then had them whitewashed. You can see a bit of my Matwood floors in Brazilian Cherry.


DP 101
The whole thing should look somewhat like this, except the drawing doesn’t reflect the beam that’s actually there.


Here’s the other side of the kitchen. We are moving the fridge area to the other wall to accommodate the new Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator .


After should look like this. I’m still searching for a nice range and range hood. Ā And no, we’re not prepared to spend on something that’s almost as expensive as a car. Haha.


This is the area that will eventually accommodate a breakfast counter. By the way that old counter top is made of narra wood. We are saving it for a future project. The sink area is the most major part as it required moving a bit of the exterior wall.


Here’s what it should look like. I just ordered the windows today from Fourlinq. I found Fourlinq through Slivers Magazine, a great source for suppliers. We’re going for fancy PVC that opens vertically. I originally wanted white window frames. But looking at the floor and the rest of the house (50 shades of wood), I went for a walnut finish. My kitchen sink will rock! I’m meeting the suppliers tomorrow. So maybe I will be obsessed and blog about it.


I really like this Benson Pendant Lamp from Restoration Hardware. Has anyone seen anything similar (look and quality) in the Metro Manila area?


I am too involved in this process. But I am so loving it. I hope I’m not driving the contractors mad. It sucks right now, living in a house that looks like back stage or storage. But once this is all done, I will be so happy and inspired to cook for the family. I hope.

I have to mention that I am so amazed with my contractor and kitchen people. They work fast and efficiently. It is always an iffy relationship between contractors and clients because everyone has quirks. I’ve had some not so great ones in the past – in terms of quality. This is why it’s been hard for me to recommend architects, designers and contractors. But I have a good feeling with this one. And once my kitchen is done, looks like I will recommend them!




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