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I was woken last Monday morning to these fantastic tweets and instagrams by Kris Aquino (@aquinokristina). She posted photos of the necklace that Dr. Vicki Belo commissioned me to make.

Last month Dr. Belo asked me to create two necklaces, one for her and the other for Kris. Both were to have the images of Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Joseph (Holy Family). It wasn’t easy, as the medallions are quite rare. But everything seemed to fall into place.


aquinokristina Beautiful necklace w/ the Sacred Heart, Mother of Perpetual Help & St. Joseph from Dra Vicki Belo
Here is the necklace I made for Kris. Dr. Belo gave it to her last week. On Monday morning, Kris posted on her instagram: @aquinokristina Beautiful necklace w/ the Sacred Heart, Mother of Perpetual Help & St. Joseph from Dra Vicki Belo.


@aquinokristina Accompanying certification
From Kris’ instagram. @aquinokristina Accompanying certification


kris aquino
That first night, Kris and I had a Twitter conversation. She told me she’d wear the necklace religiously “starting tomorrow until forever!”


kris aquino
There was so much I wanted to say, but I kept it short. I love it when the new owners of my pendants have this passionate reaction about them. Kris isn’t the first. But her tweets were something else!!


Still amazed to see @aquinokristina wearing the necklace.
And she did wear the necklace on her show Kris TV everyday this week.


As expected when a Kris Aquino mentions your product, you get flooded with requests for prices and potential orders. Just to explain a bit, the medals are very rare and everything is crafted by hand. The price of gold is also a bit insane. Here’s what it looks like when I’m creating them.


This is the piece I made for Dr. Vicki. I thought Our Lady of Perpetual Help should have a frame of red roses around her. I used garnet. And the image of St. Joseph with baby Jesus has round cut peridot to play up the green on the stems of lilies. The leaf frame is inspired by antique Philippine jewellery like “tamburin” necklaces. Dr. Belo texted me, “What I love is that your pieces are so beautiful and intricate and with fine workmanship. It’s really a labor of love. When I wear them the energy is so good.”


For Kris, I gave her pink sapphires as she is known to love pink. And the amethyst is her birth stone. I try to give the pieces a little personal meaning to add to the iconography.


I don’t actively sell the medallions. I don’t have a price list. Every piece is custom-made.

It’s a very personal thing for me. Something I feel doesn’t need explanation. Those who love and appreciate the pieces know what they’re about – whether its the art, the craft, the devotion or whatever meaning they find. Vogue Italia asked me about them last December. If you haven’t watched the interview, click here.

These are gifts I wish I could share to everyone who wants them. But at the moment, I’m going to have to beg for your patience. I’m trying to figure out a system to address the interest. Thanks everyone!!



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  • Rosalina Ferrer Inocencio

    Very beautiful pieces…interestingly, i just picked up this morning a necklace made and given to me by a former student who is now a clayist on the side. her name is Jhoi Quiambao. I just love creations featuring Mama Mary with the Child Jesus and the saints…they have calming effects… just one wish, i hope Kris, et al won’t wear them with a plunging neckline nor a low- necked dress showing their cleavage that would be distracting…haha!

    • Coco Servo

      wow better than daphne. this puts craftsmanship on the next level

  • Rea L

    She’s genuinely in love with her necklace.  🙂

  • Rea L

    She’s genuinely in love with her necklace.

  • kit

    Hi Miss Daphne. I’ve been looking for garnet stones. May I know where you got yours?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing Daphne. Your pieces are beautiful and I am now inspired to create something. I don’t know what yet, but something 🙂

  • Jojie Berboso

    the first time i saw Kris wearing that necklace on tv, i know its Daphne’s. My ultimate wish is to own one too. Is it very  expensive Mam Daphne? Where can i buy? Thanks.!

  • Ctet1

    The first time I saw her wear it on KrisTV, I recognized YOUR necklace.  They are that unique!  Do you do the actual framing yourself? 

    • Anonymous

      i design the frames myself.

  • Deepa

    These are beautiful creations and they deserve the attention they’ve been getting. Congratulations, Daphne!

  • K

    So beautiful. 

  • Fleetingmoment888

    the moment i saw it, i knew it’s made by you….i pray that i can order that someday…knowing the price of gold today….

  • Jeffrey Guerra

    she is still wearing the necklace..saw KrisTV earlier

  • Tina Romana

    Hi Ms. Daphne,

    I’ve been always a fan of this artwork. Please let me know if you are open on selling them again.

    Thanks you!! 

    PS. Hope to see UZ again. =)

    God bless!


  • Faxtran

    Very nice!  I especially love the intricate latticework on the setting of the Sacred Heart.  These pieces not only artwork.  They are a representation of our Catholic faith.  Definitely, art with a heart.  I pray that I can own one someday.

  • Alvin Montinola

    Hi, Miss Daphne Osena-Paez, I’m Alvin Montinola from Stratworks Inc. an EVENTS and PR Agency of Jollibee Foods Corporation, we would like to invite you to a Jollibee event, we can send our proposal and other details through email, we may wish to have it  or you can call our office at Tel #: 8937472 to 73. Thank You. 

  • Mathel Cristobal

    Very beautiful pieces. I always watch Kris TV before going to work and since then, had always been noticing Kris necklace. I don’t know if someone will reply to this message. I want have the same necklace (Mother of Perpetual Help/Sacred Heart and Crucifix at the middle with small pearls0/background of Mother of perpetual help and sacred heart has the same as what is in the picture for sacred heart (for the both). Is is possible to order one for me? I’m in Winnipeg, Manitoba for almost 3 yrs. Please reply ,thank you kindly.

    • Anonymous

      these are custom made. at the moment there’s a bit of a wait. i just do this on my spare time. pls email

  • Jaymee Campos

    I was just trying tweeting to ms. Kris to find out about her beautiful pendant necklace! And your site came up as the first result in a google search! Wonderful!! I wanted to acquire one for my mom as her birthday just passed a few days ago. If I can’t order one I’m happy to be inspired to at least attempt to make one of my own. Thank you for sharing and for all that you do for UNICEF!!

    • Anonymous

      They’re all at Accessory Lab Rockwell. Thanks!

  • Jojo Mercado Angeles Lopez

    Those kris aquinos wearing it was imelda marcos Jewelriy

    • Anonymous

      no. haha. no!