For most of us in the Philippines, it’s that time of year when we buy school supplies and wrap books in plastic cover. Ever the procrastinator, I just got the kids school stuff yesterday. And we haven’t started wrapping books yet.


I got this Dymo LetraTag from National Book Store a couple of years ago. I don’t remember the price. It’s such a nifty gadget to have at home. I’ve been able to label kitchen containers, storage shelves and school supplies. All these years I’ve had this, I didn’t know that it had the ability to print on iron-on labels!


I was so happy to have found this roll of iron-on tape in National Book Store. I never knew it existed. I had wondered where I could order iron-on labels and now I can actually make my own! One roll is something like P495 or a bit less.


I spent the night putting name labels on each of my daughters’ uniforms. Now that Lily is going to be in Sophia’s school, we have to deal with identical uniforms for both girls. Iron-on labels will help the kids and the yayas sort out who owns what. The labels appear to be stuck securely on to the fabric. Let’s see if the labels live through the hundreds of washes in one school year. I hope it survives.


Ordered waterproof sticker labels for the troop! From
Every year I order waterproof sticker labels from iStickers. They’re more fun than the Dymo labels. The kids really like using them. I reserve the Dymo for the serious stuff like books and folders. But lunch boxes, water bottles, pens and other things get iStickers.



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  • Anne Margaux Quezada

    Wow thank you for the tips.

    • Anonymous

      Any time.

  • Rachel Malaguit

    Hi Daphne, I’m a PR exec and would like to pitch one of our products for Cocktales or to review. May I have your email address? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      replied 🙂

  • Hanna

    Love this entry, reminds me how excited I am for the school year each time. The preparations that go with it, labelling notebooks, buying books. National Bookstore in Glorietta was my haven for school supplies. Still is. 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      Love National Book Store.

  • Florievic_cortes

    Miss Daphne how much dymo letra tag machine?

    • Anonymous

      Hi. As mentioned in first caption. I don’t remember. Maybe 2,000. Maybe 3,000. Had it for a couple of years.

  • Madsfort2000

    Hi!..thanks for giving me idea…I have four kids and lots school stuffs to’ll be a your blog site…

    • Anonymous

      That’s cool. Enjoy!

  • Ricky

    Might get one for the wife on her birthday this Wednesday. Thanks for the info. My first dymo lettering set was given to me by my ate way back in the seventies, when I was still in grade school. Sadly it was not as durable before , it broke easily after pressing hard on the lever. Btw it was just the manual model.

    • Anonymous


  • T Natasha Romanov

    obessed wt=ith labels – do they still sell this at NB?

    • Anonymous

      Yup I was just there a few days ago.

  • Jenntiongco

    Hi Miss Daphne!

    I have the same Dymo Letratag like yours. I would just like to know what setting, font size and letter size did you use? (3rd photo). Every time I use the large size, the spaces between the letters are so far apart. (sayang the tape).

    Thanks! 😉

    • Anonymous

      HI Jenn. Definitely not large. Because yup, it wastes too much tape. It’s the middle setting. Is it regular? Or small? Basta, the one in the middle. There are 5 settings I think. Hope that helps.

      • Jenntiongco

        Thanks, Ms. Daphne! 😉

  • esquire

    I have one of these labelers (Brother) but the iron-on transfer cartridge is so expensive. I ended up buying transfer sheets (less than P300 for 3 sheets – letter-size) and just printing my son’s name. I was pleased with it naman specially since the label was actually clear.  

  • Madel

    Hi Ms. Daphne! how was the dymo iron on label? hindi po nag fade? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Still all good! No fading.

  • Princess Ricaplaza

    I was just browsing for etiketa maker at sulit last night. Thank you for this very timing tips.

    • Anonymous

      yes lots of amazing tips here in the comments section.