Laguna towns and my OM-D



Here’s my first “roll” from the Olympus OM-D. All photos (except those indicated) were taken using the Automatic mode. I didn’t bother going manual to play with aperture/shutter. I wanted to see how good the camera was on its most basic mode. Plus it was over 37 degrees C that day. Getting out of the car felt like hitting a burning building. It was that hot.

Last weekend, my family and I went for lunch at a fishpond in Laguna. Then Patrick decided to drive around the lake back into the city. I love Laguna lakeshore towns. Really rustic and pretty. We stopped by Pakil and visited the church. My mom also insisted on buying some balut and salty eggs from a specific vendor.


Church of Pakil, Laguna.


Sophia and my mom, reading the historical significance of the church.


Patrick bought these prayer “intentions” made of wax.


Which this boy across the street lit for us, sending our intentions up to heaven. I’m loving these local rituals.


These were the bolts on the doorway into the church. Again, the camera was just set on Automatic. I didn’t zoom in either.


I played with built-in art filter here – Grainy Film.




Stella and the angel.


Sign at the side of the church.


Across the street there were local handicrafts. Mom got a little basket bag.


Cute papier mache carabaos. These small ones were only P20 each.


I was really tempted to buy them. For no reason except that I may need them one day. But we are desperately trying to control clutter at home.


Horse and raindeer. These were around P70 each.


Snacks galore.


Not Tootsie Rolls. (Used art filters here. This was “Pale & Light”)


This was in another town. My mom insisted on buying from this particular stall because it was recommended and tried by her friends.


Duck eggs galore.


They also sold ducks. Again, this was simply on Automatic mode.


I have to say that I’m so in love with this OM-D. It’s like I’m having an affair behind the back of my PEN E-P3, which I really love and appreciate. Both cameras are excellent. They’re different machines. OM-D is more powerful and much faster. But it’s not like the E-P3 is noticeably slow either, it’s just different. First, there’s the budget. The PEN E-P3 is in the 44,000 range while the OM-D is around P62,000. So that should already be a deciding factor. The PEN doesn’t come with a view finder. I had to order an electronic viewfinder for my PEN. Still waiting for it. The OMD has a built-in view finder. Also another major breakthrough is that the OM-D is weatherproof. Rain, dust and moisture won’t affect the camera.

These photos are all on Auto mode – idiot-proof. I like the sharpness of the images. Autofocus was really fast. And now that I’ve had a week to play with it, my newer photos (which I haven’t posted yet) are more fun and interesting. The camera does everything you want a DSLR to do, except it is smaller and lighter. Love.

Back to the Laguna loop. I love this drive around the lake. Pretty.


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