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And just like that, I’m busy again. I hope to be able to keep up with my daily posts despite my busy schedule. August is a bit nuts. I have a couple of very important trips. And already I miss my family. There better be wifi everywhere in India and in Mindanao.

I was working from home since Monday. It was nice and cozy with the kids. Storm days can be lovely especially when PAGASA over-estimates. We just stay home, there’s natural airconditioning, and I don’t worry about disaster. But a whole week of rain and gloomy skies got me all gloomy too. And I got cabin fever.


Finally, Mr. Sun was out yesterday. It was lovely.


A couple of nights ago, Sophia’s 7th tooth fell out. All her other teeth had to be pulled out by our dentists (Plural. My relatives are dentists – cousin, aunt, nephew). I was so proud of Sophia that she came to realize that these things don’t hurt. Somewhere in between the first and sixth tooth she developed a fear of needles and a fear of dentists. Now she says she’s ok. And oh yeah, the tooth fairy gave her a big amount for this one.


I received another signed book from National Book Store, this time from Samantha Sotto. Everyone has already written about Samantha, what else can I say? Her first book, published by Random House, Before Ever After was just released a few days ago. I got an advanced copy. I can’t imagine getting a book deal with Random House. The sense of accomplishment, wow! Coincidence, Samantha’s daughter and mine were in the same ballet class over the summer. While I was a ballet mom trying to squeeze in some treadmill time, Samantha was also being a ballet mom with a huge book deal. I will meet Sam after her schedule winds down, if it ever will, and I shall be asking her a thousand questions about the book.


The other day while I was having rainy day blues and cabin fever (not a good combination), I toyed with the idea of having my hair cut into a short bob again. I get that way. I go really short then I grow my hair really long, then short again. It’s just hair. I’ve always been low maintenance – no treatments, no colour, nothing. But I felt I needed a boost. So I got an appointment with Alex Carbonel of Studio Fix in Greenbelt. He trimmed my hair to relieve it of the heaviness. Then instead of a drastic cut, I asked him to colour my hair. It has been over 6 years since I last did that. I was pleased that technology has changed, at least at Alex’ salon. My hair colour involved no use of peroxide. So, Yay! To get technical there are two options in Studio Fix – either organic Essensity by Schwarzkopf or Revlon Professional’s Young Color Excel with 1.9% developer. Schwarzkopf uses beeswax as developer while apparently Revlon has the lowest developer and it can lift hair. Please don’t ask me if it’s completely safe. I’m not an expert. All I know is that it doesn’t have peroxide. And I’m happy with how my colour came out. It’s slightly brown. And barely visible in that photo. Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult their doctors. Personally, I stayed away from these things while pregnant.


And thank you The Bag Hag for this very cute and practical book, Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. Whenever I get cabin fever in our little old wooden cottage, I pretend it’s a Brooklyn brownstone or Paris apartment. But sometimes it doesn’t work. Haha.


Hope you have a good Friday!


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