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Cadentia Nature eau de cologne in Provence Freshness and Lavender Freshness. 250ml each P245


I love this stuff! These huge bottles of light colognes will always remind me of my childhood and my mother. I remember growing up with these Spanish colognes in Manila. Then we moved to Canada and no one cared about baby cologne scents until we all got our first Calvin Klein eau de toilettes. Now that I’m a mother living in Manila, I find that light colognes are the best scents for daily use. My own mother splashes these scents after every bath and even before going to bed. And I have turned into my mother. I still love fancy perfumes. But these light colognes from Spain and France are something I can share with my little girls.

Rica de Jesus of Heart to Heart blog and of the Rustan’s family loved these light colognes so much that she and her husband brought in a few brands to share with the Philippine market. They are sold at very convenient spots like groceries, hospital shops and country clubs. See full listing below. The 750ml bottles are huge but reasonably priced below P300 per bottle. I like transferring them to smaller spray bottles and leave them in the car, bathroom, purse and baon for my kids in their school bags.



Amalfi Fresh Eau de Cologne in Limones de Caribe, Royale, Lavanda, and Baby Fresh (not in photo). 750ml each P245.


From left to right – Cadentia L’eau des Colins eau de cologne in Naturelle scent 50ml glass bottle with spray only P225. This is my favourite of all the light colognes here. It is staying in my purse. Bebe eau de cologne with glycerine 250ml glass bottle P295. And perhaps the most relevant scent for us in the tropics facing the threat of dengue fever, Nature edc AntiMoustiques 125ml spray for P275.


Nature anti-mosquito eau de cologne. This is a refreshing eau de cologne with essences of tea and citronella, enhanced by a strong repellent. Very effective against biting insects and suitable for children from 36 months and above (do a patch test first).


All these scents imported by Jaric Marketing Inc are available at — Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Robinsons Supermarket, Saddlebrown Manila Polo Club and Rockwell Club, Mpulse Makati Medical Center, Rustan’s Flower Shop and more at St. Lukes Bonifacio Global City and Quezon City.


Do these light colognes bring back some childhood or teenage memories? I’m curious to know what scents you grew up with and what memories do they evoke? Share your stories with me. Leave a comment below.



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  • ched

    NENUCO and PARA MI BEBE are the two popular colognes back in the late eighties. I can still remember the sweet ‘bagong ligo’ scent. Brings back good memories …….

    • Anonymous

      i know that sweet smell…. nice.

  • Llyann Itay

    Ms. Daphne, are u sure a 750ml Amalfi Fresh Eau de Cologne is for only 245php only? ^^ will go to Rustan’s Supermarket right after work!!! i’m a cologne prson so this entry is so love .. thanks for the info ms.daphne!!! ?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what it says in the press kit they sent me.

  • Anonymous

    Growing up, I carpooled with my neighbor. So every afternoon (this was kindergarten/prep), I’d walk over to their house and wait for my “auntie” and my schoolmate neighbor to put on cologne before heading to the car. I think they used either this big bottle of Spanish baby cologne or Angel’s Breath/Kiss/Embrace/etc etc. I thought it was fussy.

    Now I spend hours on Perfume Shrine and Now Smell This reading up on perfume.

    • Anonymous

      haha thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back memories… still use NENUCO and PARA MI BEBE now for my son…i live in NYC now so i buy them on line…. love the scents 🙂

  • Karla F. Santos

    For me its Denenes (the original one, that came in blue or pink… I feel its not the same anymore), Sweet Honesty and Jean Nate. Now, I get this “Julian” cologne, locally made but super good smelling…. I didnt think Id be like those moms who would spray on my kids but I just became one 😉

    • Anonymous

      haha same here…

  • Maloy

    I miss those colognes and I have been looking for these! Nice to know they have it at Rustans. Cadentia Nature’s bottle looks like Bien-Etre’. Thanks for letting us know

    • Anonymous

      Hi Maloy, I am also looking for Bien etre orange cap 😉 Please let me know if you found one, I’ll do the same.

  • Maureen


  • cheekeegirl

    is it available here in davao at robinson’s supermarket? if not, can it be ordered pnline?

  • Anonymous

    Oh Daphne, I love the Bien etre cologne, I was looking for them for years and cant find the orange cap one. I see some in somera and greenhills but they are not the orange cap. They used to come in round bottles.

    • Anch Ancher

      me too, I am looking for the orange cap bien etre 🙂