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This is a huge surprise. Links of London is now an advertiser in my blog. Yay! Those of you who’ve been following/reading me know that I have a “thing” for Links of London. I wear a Sweetie bracelet everyday together with a sterling silver friendship bracelet. I’m happy Links is here in my site.


This is my own Sweetie bracelet. I’m slowly building the charm collection. I didn’t get them all in one blow. I figured, I could just get one charm everytime I travel.


Stella received her own Sweetie bracelet during her Christening. It was a gift from her godfather Trevor, my brother in law. Now my sister is helping me build her charm bracelet. There’s a starfish, because “star” is “stella.” And there’s a little daisy too, daisy means “margarita.” The heart came together with the bracelet.


Well, this is old news. But I thought of posting it here, to report to you that the earrings of Kate Middleton in the photo below are still sold out. (EDIT: Apparently not really sold out, keep on reading).


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official engagement portrait by Mario Testino. She wore these simple Links of London earrings. They’ve now become iconic pieces; and there’s a waiting list for them around the world. They are called Hope Egg Earrings, an important symbol in Russian culture, traditionally given for birthdays, festivals, etc. The egg represents hope and new life.


Hope Egg earrings with White Topaz. This is the exact identical pair worn by Kate Middleton. Made of sterling silver and white topaz. If you want to put yourself on the waiting list just click on the photo. (EDIT: I just clicked on the photo and they have the earrings in stock right now!)


Hope Egg Earrings in Pink Sapphire. This is a pretty option.



If you really want the same earrings as Kate Middleton’s and cant wait, you can go for this, the sterling silver version without white topaz.


Watch Over Me Moon 18 carat gold ring. I love this ring. Wish list!



Watch Over Me Serenity 18kt Gold Necklace. Another wish list!
Inspired by the magical power of the talisman, the Watch Over Me Collection includes elements from nature and centres around an ancient symbol of protection, the evil eye. Jewelry should always be meaningful and infused with emotion. Watch Over Me is both whimsical yet profoundly symbolic, and bound to bring good fortune! The Serenity necklace in 18kt yellow gold, comprises of the olive branch, white gold pavé diamond set crescent moon, full moon in yellow gold with handset diamonds and sycamore they are all symbols of love, luck and protection. The necklace also incorporates the evil eye set in yellow gold is made of topaz and onyx as the pupil with diamonds set around its circumference. It offers protection and is overlooking, warning away evil. The lucky horseshoe doubles as the clasp fastening.

The Everlasting Postcard. I want this because this is exactly the same quote that Lily tells me everyday. But with this postcard, you can personalize it with your own quote and own handwriting. This a return to an old-fashioned tradition and a unique way to show you care. Liquid silver plate postcard is designed to engrave a personal message, in your own handwriting, that can be kept forever. How to order your postcard: Please click the photo to download and print out the postcard order template, complete all details asked for and specify your message clearly on the template using a fine pen.

The same exact Sweetie bracelet that Stella has, shown in photo at the top.



The iconic Sweetie Bracelet. You can personalize the charms and choose from Links of London’s over 150 charms.



Like this duck charm. The cutest inside joke between Ingrid and me. We both have this as a memento from our last trip to Hong Kong.



Vintage camera charm. Patrick got this charm for me. I’m still in the process of collecting more charms for my charm bracelet.



Friendship Bracelet in navy and pink. Mine was black and baby pink. I recommend getting darker colour thread because just like a real friendship bracelet, this has tendency to get dirty – which is exactly makes it more charming.


Friendship bracelet with skulls. I’m really liking this one too.



Links of London USA
The great news is that Links of London currently has a sale – 50% off select items.  And even better news, currently Links of London is offering free shipping, no minimum. Expires 12.31.11. Code: FREESHIP. Offer applies to US addresses only.





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