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Crazy-amazing things are happening to me.

At the same time it’s beginning to feel like real work. In a good way. But I still insist on my non-negotiables – being there with the kids during their chosen activities. I just want to be around them. Yesterday though, I had to tape Cocktales. So Sophia had a substitute take her to voice and theatre. I mothered via remote-control and iPhone. It wasn’t so bad. I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

In between the shoot and a work-related event, I had a couple of hours to kill. So I went home (for just half an hour) and hugged the three rabbits. Then I went to the launch of Samsung Smart TV. There I realized that I am not the only mother struggling with balancing. In my table were very successful women all aiming for the same things I am… work-life balance. There was even a top executive dad who admitted he needed lots of time with his kids. It was a nice feeling.


Needed hugs so I went home and got 3 doses. Then back to work. #motherhood
In between work, I went home and got 3 doses of the best hugs in the world.


Baby #ballet will still be part of my life for the next 3 years. Cute.
We were late during the first day of Lily’s ballet class. I vow to be a bit more organized.


Today is going to be one of those days again. Lily’s ballet lessons, admin stuff for school, first day of delivery of Daphne Furniture in its new home. I’m already planning the next round of summer activities. We’re doing swimming and ice skating. These activities are as much a commitment by the parents as it is by the child. I am amazed at parents who have committed their kids to sports or arts – to the extent that their kids excel and progress. It is not easy making it to practice and sessions on time.

To all parents, not just moms, I found this video via my sister Hanni who also struggles with making breakfast, sending her boys to Tae Kwon Do and making it to the GO Train to get downtown in time for work. To my Mom and Dad who gave me all the lessons and events I wanted to do growing up – ballet, tennis, art, painting, swimming, yearbook camp – plus my brother and sisters’ activities – rowing, camping, trumpet, violin, soccer, tennis. Even though none of us ended up excelling in any of these fields, we learned the greatest lessons. That of giving our own kids the confidence to try and learn new things and hopefully find their own passions.

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