Littlest models of Daphne®



It brings me great joy whenever I get tweets, emails or photos that one of my products is happy in its new home. And I’m not talking about monetary pleasure. (Folks, I don’t own the businesses. These are all collaborations with partners.) It is just so wonderful to see families enjoying something from Daphne® products – whether it be furniture, linens or jewellery. I feel very connected. Thank you!

Here’s an example…


This Daphne wingchair in Rustan’s…


I love this chair. If I had a bigger home I would get this myself. I like the irony that my team translated. It has a hefty size but delicate carvings. The ivory and whisper blue paint feel feminine and soft yet the uphostery is in a neutral almost manly fabric.


Mariana Dominguez
And here is its new lovely owner, Miss Mariana Dominguez, daughter of Sarangani Governor Migs Dominguez and wife Tisha. I’d love to see little Mariana grow into this chair.


Last year, my friend Mia sent me this photo of her little daughter Arie in her Daphne chair. She said she will photograph Arie in this chair as she grows.


My nephew Alexander on Helsinki by Daphne Linens


From a Daphne Linens shopper
My friend Jenny’s daughter jumping all over Retro Squares.


Stella, iPad, Cobonpue & the new Daphne Linens.
Stella and my newest, Flair linens.


Soph sleeping in her new Daphne beddings
Sophia and Retro Squares in her room. That pink bolster pillow was 79 pesos in SM supermarket. I got that just to pad the side of her bed temporarily when she was a toddler (pre-Daphne Linens). It wasn’t meant to last forever. But it’s been 7 or 8 years since we bought this. It is 70% dead with no stuffing. But it’s the pillow she got attached to, her security pillow. Do your kids have a security blanket? Lily has none. Stella has two – a blanket with my mom’s lace tatting around it and a little bolster pillow with Daphne baby linens prototype (which we did not actually put on the market).


Daphne Furniture
Daphne Furniture® is currently not available in Rustan’s. We are in the middle of some restructuring and planning. It’s either we go full blast or we trim down and specialize. I will definitely let you know as soon as we come to a final decision.


If you are an owner of any Daphne® product and you’re willing to share photos of you or your family with it, please send it to me at I’d love to see it’s new home and owners. Thanks!



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  • Myleen Castro

    my 4 year old has a security pillow. everytime he lies down to sleep he smells it first! and pag iba pillow hanapin nya yung sa kanya. 🙂

    btw, i didnt know that there is color na whisper blue! nice!

    • Anonymous

      re whisper blue, i just made it up. our colours are based on numbers, not names. i was running out of names to describe this blue which has a tiny whisper of blue and grey. 

  • Romikaness

    my 7-year old has and has been with her since she was a baby. its pretty trashy to look at but it tops her most-loved possessions of all time. i bought two new pillows but she discarded it. and she only chooses one kind of pillowcase which is now all-WORN OUT…. yes myleen, she also needs to smell it first 🙂

  • Marissa Mesa Sanchez

    so nice to see Sophia with her security pillow…my five-year old daughter has a security bib :)) She couldn’t sleep without it and most of the time she secretly brings it to school

  • Mom-Friday

    I would love to have one of your bed linens this year.
    My boy also has his security pillow — his super small baby pillow from 8 years ago! 🙂 We just wash it regularly..bahala na until when it can survive my boy’s hugs and tugs 🙂

  • teewS M.

    sorry but my attention was caught by little Stella.  Playing with your iPad?  “Cuteness”

  • Anonymous

    Cute babies! I really like the idea of using 1 pc for photo shoots and she how the baby grows. Too bad I wasnt able to do it with my little girl. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. There’s got to be a next baby to do this with. =)

    And speaking of security blankets – my daughter has one. And i love telling the story! When she was about 11 mos, I left for a two-week vacation. First time to be away from her that long. I left my pantulog (a plain maroon-ish dress) with her when I left so she’ll remember my “smell”. Few days after, my hubby told me she got too attached to the dress that she would cry if anyone took it away from her. Even when I came home already, she would still look for the dress. She named it “Mimim”, she calls me “Mimi”. Eventually, we acquired pashmina’s of the same color so as not to bring the pantulog outside the house. More than a year after, she still can’t sleep without Mimim. But she got wiser and knew that she actually has more than one. The dress though, remained her favorite and would now call it “Mimim isa” (translate: the other Mimim). I haven’t researched yet when’s the best time to remove the blankie. =)

  • Deepa

    That wing chair is gorgeous. So much furniture I want to buy but I can’t afford shipping to Holland!

  • Jenn

    Hi Miss Daphne!

    I have been looking for a navy blue blazer like what you are wearing. I hope you dont mind me asking, where did you buy it? Thanks and more power to you! 🙂

  • jo:)

    i have the same wing chair! i won the unicef auction last year, just in time for my second daughter’s birth:) it will be an heirloom piece definitely!

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations to you, Jo!

      • jo:)

        thanks 🙂