Loud Basstard



Loudbasstard. 100% awesome. 100% Made in the Philippines.


Just got the coolest thing the other day – iPhone speakers that don’t need electric power. It’s simply made of one bamboo stalk. I saw it online in early November and was so curious to hear how it worked. I contacted one of the designers Koh Onozawa through a common friend Jay Aldeguer and asked if I could test the product.

My Loudbasstard arrived last Friday. I was so thrilled! It works and it’s so beautiful in its simplicity. I immediately texted Koh to ask if he could accommodate some Christmas orders. And just like that I was able to scratch off names from my gift list. The very next day (yesterday) I got my Loudbasstards.


Loud Basstard
The one I have is in Natural colour.


Loud Basstard
It comes in many other colours.


Don’t expect Loudbasstard to replace your speakers or home sound system. It is more like a personal sound amplifier that is completely organic in design and environmentally friendly. It uses no electricity. It works the same way I when you cup your phone’s speakers in order to hear sound better. But bamboo seems to be an excellent sound conductor. And it makes a great conversation piece. My daughter Sophia is inspired to create something “environmental” in the future.


Meet the creators – athropologist Koh Onozawa and furniture designer Franz Ignacio.


This is my demo of Loudbasstard. (This was uploaded on Flickr. Hope you’re able to view it).


Loudbasstard is very new. It just “launched” last October. This early, the guys already have distributors in Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and Philippines. Fans of Up Dharma Down can also get limited edition Loudbasstards through their website. There are also re-sellers in Manila found in bazaars, my marquee.ph, therapy.ph.

Each Loudbasstard is selling for 995 pesos in the Philippines and 28euros/35USD abroad. For more information, www.loudbasstard.com



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  • Monique

    It seems that these two guys were giggling because they couldn’t believe that a joke of product they designed was actually out in the market. What kind of gullible fool who’d be sucked into buying this laughable speaker for $35?

  • oppar is not yours

    Koh Onozawa sounds familiar. is he cebuano who studied in d local university USC?

  • Merlinda Little


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000958326056 Ardee Horne

    The idea is cool, but have you tried putting your iphone inside a wide brimmed glass or bowl? It works that way as well. Might actually be a little louder than the bastard.

    • Anonymous

      yes i’ve tried that. even cupping your hand works.
      but i love the story behind this. and wood is a better sound conductor than glass.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a tad too pricey, I mean, one can get a really good speaker for a little over the price of this speaker. It’s cool, though.

  • http://whixion.com.ph/ whixion+art | CONCEPT

    I’ve already seen someone used bamboo as portable speaker for his sony walkman. He got the idea from his bamboo flute. Too pricey but the idea is cool for international market! Thanks for sharing this pinoy product!

  • lei

    i know this maybe out of topic, but the version of how deep is your love is soooo good! who sang that?

    • Anonymous

      haha i don’t know. it was in the satc sound track.

    • http://thysz.net/ Thysz

      By Bird and the Bee! Can’t help it sorry!

  • Anonymous

    They should make a portable one. Makes more sense if you consider it esp since people have purpose built docking sound systems at home while this is more make-shift, and the material bamboo is light and perfect for transit anyway.

  • Borjan Marko

    it looks great from the top angle. but it’s an exact duplicate of the world-renowned iBam 2. i thought I’ve seen this in a TEDx talk early March 2012 when I was in Slovenia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWxDYhxAnmk @ 12:59 and they even a site on it http://ibamstory.com/

    what do you guys think?