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LV Manila sent me this press release. The 2013 Louis Vuitton City Guides are now in Louis Vuitton Manila and all stores including online. This year there are four new destinations: Ekateringburg, Kitzbühel, Lugano and Verona. All photos and words from LV Press kit.
Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013 around luggage Monogram Canvas Macassar © LOUIS VUITTON / PHILIPPE JUMIN 2012


The Louis Vuitton City Guide New York 2013 explores every facet of this effervescent city through around 600 addresses: radically-designed hotels, stylish bars, world-class restaurants, intimate diners, fine food stores, offbeat nightclubs, fashion supremos, bespoke jewellery, innovative interior designers and art spaces, high-tech spas and much more. The selection has been updated for the 7th edition of this indispensable guide with easy-to-use maps. Retail Price 25 euros.  © LOUIS VUITTON / AURORE COLIBERT 2012


City guides Europe 2013
European Cities 2013. Luxury hotels, charming guesthouses, iconic restaurants, master chef bistros, wine bars, chocolate shops, delicatessens, art, photography and interior design galleries, museums, spas, fashion hot spots, bookstores, and more. In its steadfast pursuit of originality, the Louis Vuitton City Guide sheds new light on 31 European desitinations with a total of around 7,000 addresses selected with flair and discernment. This has a mix of safe bets and new ideas, traditional and offbeat places. It revisits the major capitals — Berlin, London, Moscow, Rome, and Paris; and for the first time, reconnoitres Yekaterinburg, Lugano, Kitzbuhel, and Verona.


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