A few weeks ago, I announced on Twitter that I have been offered to be the Magniflex brand ambassador alongside Kenneth Cobonpue. The timing was right because when we had our 10th wedding anniversary a few months ago, one of the things that dawned on me was our need to buy a new bed mattress. And I definitely wanted an upgrade.

I got an invitation from Home Studio to come and see the luxurious and eco-friendly bed mattresses in their show room. Magniflex (pronounced man-yi-flex) is an Italian company based in Tuscany. It is now present in over 70 countries in the world. Here in Asia, you can only get a Magniflex in Singapore, Tokyo, and now in the Philippines. Magniflex has more than 30 million satisfied customers, who have discovered the luxury of sleep, naturally.

They had me at “naturally” and “eco-friendly”.


Magniflex is the only mattress brand 100% made in Italy and uses all-natural materials that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, breathable and biodegradable. Most of the mattress covers are washable to ensure hygiene.


I was introduced to this brand by Grant Lim, managing director of Home Studio. All Magniflex mattresses are shipped to the country in vacuum packs to ensure its freshness. It also saves on shipping space, making it eco-effcient.


Grant walked me through the many models of Magniflex mattresses in his showroom. But in reality the only way to know which mattress is good for you is by actually lying on them. So he gave me a few minutes alone to try all the mattresses. I was drawn to the GeoEthic line.


All the mattresses in the GeoEthic line have an EcoGreen layer for a firm support for your entire body. It has beneficial breathability, excellent air exchange in the fabrics that maintain the body fresh and dry. The Naturest is covered in an extraordinary fabric made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo is known to have honey pectin that is good for treating skin problems. The Naturest has a 3-Zone System that provides variable support to the shoulders, body and legs, making sure that these three parts are properly supported to wake you fresh and energetic in the morning. This is the mattress we got for our own home.


From the Magniflex Classic line, there are mattresses that use silver fabric, like this Nightowner. Silver, as a natural material, has ions that benefit your body and is known to be anti-bacterial.


Home Studio is at 63 Connecticut Street, Ortigas. They carry other luxurious brands of construction material like tiles and fixtures.


Chat Guillermo and Grant Lim of Home Studio.


Know more about Magniflex here. Or follow Home Studio Philippines on Twitter here.



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