Maguindanao memories



I was uploading the plug for Cocktales on YouTube this evening and accidentally found this.

This video was produced by Alexander Villafania of He traveled with me and Unicef to Maguindanao, ARMM last year. I had never seen this video diary. I was touched all over again.


Datu Ali, 7 months old, suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition.


So much has happened since this trip last August 2011. I will never forget the beautiful eyes of the little 7-month old baby Datu Ali, so beautiful and expressive, despite his suffering from severe acute malnutrition. He was under UNICEF’s Community-based Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition program and was on his way to recovery.

I had to leave Maguindanao earlier than scheduled due to heightened security situation. I remember having a mix of emotions then – sadness, fear, hopefulness.

Watch the video…



Datu Ali
This is Datu Ali two weeks after being under UNICEF’s program in Maguindanao. He gained his weight back. Photo credit – Julkefel Sinarimbo/Save the Children


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