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Max 381 Frost. Its a 42mm Max XL classic unisex watch with steel case, clear dial and genuine leather strap.


Here is a FLASH GIVEAWAY. We will randomly choose one winner who will get that MAX 381 Frost watch. You have til midnight tonight to join this giveaway. I will announce winner by tomorrow 12nn (Philippine time). This is just a small way I can show appreciation for my regular followers (hence the “flash” nature of the giveaway).

You may have seen in my Instagram @DaphneOP that I wear a MAX XL Luna. It is the largest watch that I wear… for now. They actually have a bigger model. All my other watch brands are dainty. In this case, size does matter! Haha.


The skirt I wore yesterday was from K&Company's current collection @k_and_company. It is lined, not see through haha. Shirt, Uniqlo x Jil Sander (love everything in this collection). Watch from @maxxlph. Shoes #Repetto with kitten heel. Earrings, my desig
My OOTD for hosting the launch of Albertus Swanepoel – Uniqlo x Jil Sander shirt, K&Company skirt, Repetto shoes and my MAX Luna.


Launched in the Netherlands in 2006, Max XL has quickly gained international recognition for its clean, bold lines and strong masculine appeal. From the Netherlands, Max XL has entered Belgium, Italy, Egypt, Kuwait, Japan, Russia, and more recently, Hong Kong and the United States. On-trend and high-impact, this watch brand is designed by Dutch designer Ron Offenbach.

MAX XL entered the Philippine market in April 2013 through its exclusive distributor, 3SixtyFive, Inc., spearheaded by Christopher Tan & Kristie Pangan-Lacson.

The Artisan - Steel-chrono-44mm
The Artisan, a collection of all steel timepieces available in gorgeous colors, like solid black, gold, rose gold and silver. Classic in design, The Artisan features a stainless steel case, a date calendar and solid steel band with extra flip-lock safety. Each piece is timeless in design and can easily be paired with any wardrobe, ensuring maximum identity and style.


Tourbillion IP rose
The MAX XL Tourbillion


aviator 1.1MB
MAX XL Aviator


In terms of design, the brand carries a range from the everyday Classic Chronograph, to the elegant Automatic series with supple genuine leather straps, and solid stainless steel case with ion plating rose gold. Watch lovers can choose from premium genuine leather straps, to stainless steel links, and on-trend rubber straps for the outdoor sports lovers. The athletes and trendsetters will love the Limited Sports Edition Watch: with interchangeable stainless steel and rubber straps, it comes with its own screwdriver to change the straps, and the entire set comes in a rugged carrying equipment. “Concentrated on the versatility of such fashion statement, Max XL exudes power and elegance in the variety of oversized premium timepieces.” Lacson says.


One lucky reader will win this MAX 381 Frost tomorrow.


Contest is open to anyone who can pick up the watch in a Makati location next week…yes BEFORE Christmas! Sorry I cannot deal with deliveries at this time because it’s the Christmas rush.

Here’s how to join the giveaway:

1. Like my Facebook page

2. Follow all the MAX social media accounts. Max XL in Facebook, or @maxxlph in Instagram and @maxxlph in Twitter.

3. Send me a private message on my Facebook page or leave a message here in my blog. Tell me why you want this MAX 381 Frost watch.

4. This giveaway ends at midnight Manila time. Winner will be notified by email/Facebook message by 8am Sunday. Winner name will be announced by 12 noon Sunday Dec 21.

Good luck everyone!



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  • marge_medina

    Hi ms daphne! I private messaged you in facebook. I sure hope to get lucky. God bless.

  • Corinne Serion

    I want to win the MAX 381 Frost watch because first of all it’s really beautiful and versatile and a great watch like this one can complete an outfit. Second, as a stay-at-home-working-mom this would allow me to keep track of time and look awesome doing it too! Last but not the least, my birthday is on the 29th and this would be a great gift for myself hehe! Also, I just live nearby and I can definetly pick it up ANYTIME haha! Thanks Daphne and Happy holidays!

  • Anonymous

    for my beautiful wife, this will definitely makes her happy. Thank you and God bless!

  • Kristine Briones

    I want the MAX 381 Frost watch so I can give it to my daddy as my “thank you” gift for surprising me with the best christmas gift ever: a return trip ticket so I can celebrate christmas with the whole family! I started my graduate studies in the UK last sept through a scholarship and was supposed to spend my first cold christmas away from the family this year.

  • Zanee

    Hi Daphne. Suzanne here. I really really want the MAX 381 Frost watch,as it would be a nice Christmas gift to my mom. I want to give back to her as her daughter esp now that she is in a remission from stage 3 ovarian cancer. Thank you for this giveaway. Happy holidays!

  • Arvin Ecija Budlayan

    Hi Miss Daphne, I want to win and wear that MAX 381 Frost watch 😉 It looks great and can match any shirt and jeans. Not to mention my phone is white too. 🙂 This could be a great time to replace my battery dead watch. Best presents to have this Christmas. Haha. Fingers crossed. Thank you and have a wonderful days ahead.

  • Karla Castillo

    I want MAX 381 coz I want white big face watches!!

  • Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    Thanks Ms. Daphne for this giveaway! entry sent via pm to your FB.

  • Quennie Co

    Hi Daphne! This is one truly amazing watch! I hope i win! God bless you and your family and may His bountiful blessings be upon you always!

  • Princess

    I have never bought a watch and will never consider buying one. I remember my mom’s hand me down casio watch when i was in high school, i used that until it was broken. I do have a timex running watch but i won that in a blog contest same as yours. I always wanted to buy one, the one i can wear casually but when you’re a single mom of a 5 year old kid, buying one is not a priority. I always says that there are more important things than a watch. Winning MAX 381 will be perfect gift. Can i have it for Christmas please? 🙂 Who ever wins will surely have a grand. Thanks for opportunity to join Daphne, may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Blessed new year.

  • odie

    I want this MAX 381 Frost watch as it reminds me that that there is always a right time for everything. With this, I become more aware that life should be lived one minute at a time and get the most out of every moment. The watch’s physical bigness and unique 24-hour time, makes it all the more worth my wrist!

  • KT Peralta-Nielsen

    Thank you for this giveaway and for sharing your blessings to your blog readers. I would really really love to win the MAX 381 Frost watch because I want to give a gift to my mom when I give birth and I think the watch will be just perfect. I did not have an easy pregnancy but I only have 2 months more to go and I know that she did not have an easy pregnancy when she conceived me as well. The watch would be a perfect representation of my gratitude for her and all the quality time that she exerted to raise me and my sister. It would also be a perfect retirement gift for her as she retire from being a teacher.

  • Haze Yap

    Because you inspire me to take every opportunity to look good and be kind, I wish for the Max 381 as a constant reminder that beauty and character never goes out of style.
    Merry Christmas Daphne! 🙂

  • Lorie Nocasa

    Followed all the steps Ms. Daphne so I can have a chance to win this awesome watch for my beloved husband. I don’t usually have an extra Peso to get him a grand gift so it would be awesome to win this!My husband deserves this watch more than anyone else I know, I would be excited to give this watch to my husband for a Christmas Present. Thank you for this opportunity and Merry Christmas 😉

  • Leilani Sonza

    Thank you for sharing your blessings with us! I deserve to win this beautiful MAX 381 Frost because I want to give it to my father. It will show him how much I value the time that he spends with us. He is old now but still very strong. I hope that he will live forever.

  • Anne Delos Reyes-Villafuerte

    I want this MAX 381 Frost watch because I want to experience wearing that classy, sleek and elegant watch. And most importantly, I value time. I am a watch collector and I will do everything just to add one timepiece in my collection. Eversince I gave birth to my second child, they became my top priority and I almost forgot when is the last time I rewarded myself, after hardworks with something that can make me feel good.. Like buying new watch. Its like Im in nostalgia whenever I see beautiful timepieces like that Max 381 Frost watch.. But as of this moment I cant afford to buy one.. Of course I will set aside my wants for the needs of my family. That is why I will never miss a chance to join contest like this and who knows? I am hoping to win that watch and soon be seeing myself wearing that on my wrist someday!

  • angie

    Hi ms Daphne…I really like the max 381 frost watch…I started collecting watches only last year and I have kicked my butt for not starting it sooner…ive always asked myself why would stores specialize only wayches ….now I know why….please please ms. Daph…..I would love to “max ” my collection…thank you…..