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Wow, thank you for your response to my previous post about getting back to basics and telling more stories. I really appreciate that you’re all still here. Thanks for the comments in Disqus below, in my Facebook page, and even in Instagram. We will try to tell more stories.

It took me days to complete this post. Haha. Because after all that, here is another product launch. But hey, really, this happened to me and Stella, and we had fun, so I’m telling this story. In fact, I enjoy this brand so much they recently made me brand ambassador (full disclosure). So this is about Mini Melissa, the kiddie line of Melissa shoes. I’ve been a fan of the brand for over five years. They are comfortable and stylish… and lots of fun. I can’t remember exactly when I first bought Melissa. But here is my favourite pair.


Wearing K&Company dress and Melissa shoes
This one, my happiest shoes! Vivienne Westwood x Melissa. From an Urban Zone shoot in 2010.


photo 1
Apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved Melissa. When Lily was 4, she would borrow them.


Ooh, when Stella was a baby, she also played with them.


Shoe shopping with the girls
In 2010, the mother brand Melissa launched Mini Melissa. We bought the first generation Mini Melissa x Vivienne Westwood for Lily. It got handed down to Stella. These are a major upgrade from the jelly shoes we grew up with.


Click to see more Mini Melissa…


Here’s Lily now, loving their pre-teen line. Sophia now fits the smallest size of adult Melissa.


A couple of weeks ago, the local owners of the brand launched Mini Melissa shoes at a very cute little tea party. My two older girls couldn’t attend the party because of school, but Stella came with me. As you know, I very rarely involve the kids in my campaigns that it got to a point that my kids had no idea what I did for a living. But for Mini Melissa, we couldn’t resist involving Stella. Besides, this is her final year of being seen before we hide her in anonymity. Haha. So, at five she’s a mini-brand ambassador!


A couple of weeks ago at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Mini Melissa was launched with a cute little tea party for moms and their “mini me” girls. Stella and I worked on crafts together. Stella wanted her hair that way…. in a messy pony tail with chunks falling off. I was trying to fix it or change it, but as anyone with a little kid knows, there’s no arguing about clothes, shoes or hairstyles with a kid.


Here’s what the passport holders look like after we glued everything together.


I had to take a picture of the cutest corn dog muffins. Note to self, make these over the next long weekend. There are a gazillion recipes on Pinterest.


A cute way to present little tea sandwiches – in a basket carved out of a loaf of bread.


The candy bar was decorated with Mini Melissa shoes.


Stella and I with my Taiwan travel friend, Chal Chang-Lontoc del Rosario, who was the emcee of the event.


With the lovely moms and their “Mini Me” wearing Mini Melissa.


With the principals of Melissa in the Philippines. Also in photo is Mutya Buensuceso and her daughter. Mini Melissa is sold at Geleia stores.


With mommies Marilen Montenegro, Mai Kaufman, Rissa Trillo, and Rica Bonifacio.


This season’s Mini Melissa shoes are so cute.


Despite all the bright colours around her, Stella chose black mary janes.


Our choices for the day. Stella has a black shiny Vivienne Westwood with an adorable pink bow. My new Melissas are from the Jason Wu line, called Artemis. They are so current and fashionable! And I love that we live in a country where we can wear open-toed shoes 365 days of the year.


mini mel 2
01 Mini Ballet,  02 Zigzag by Campana Brothers,  03 Sugar Rain.


mini mel 3
04 Ultragirl Bear,  05 Cat,  06 Ultra Girl Rabbit.


mini mel 4
07 Mini Aranha VII, 08 Mini Furadinha V.


minimel baby
And now even babies can have My First Mini Melissa. They have infant sizes!


For more information, visit, Facebook MelissaPhilippines or Instagram @MelissaPhilippines



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