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House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
I first met Mitch and Shelly Shivers when I featured their home in Urban Zone over a year ago. Mitch is an industrial designer by profession. He crafted a special mailbox out of a repurposed old iMac casing.


House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
This is the backside of the iMac.


House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
Their home was quite unique. It had a very wide frontage. But it was shaped like an obtuse triangle. Seriously. Look at the shallow entrance way in the corner of the triangle.


House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
It opened up to this impressive space.


House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
Mitch’s workspace upstairs showed some of his creations as an industrial designer. You can read more about the Shivers house feature here.


Fast forward to today, Mitch Shivers just opened his show at the UP College of Fine Arts. Mitch studied Industrial Engineering at the University of San Diego in California. Then he did a second degree in Industrial Design at UP Fine Arts in Diliman.

This show features about 20 of his most recent works aptly called Gargbage (gar’baZH). Mitch redefines useless garbage by showcasing functional art made of salvaged items that have been up-cycled or repurposed. You’ll see furniture, lighting fixtures, speakers and accessories. They are all for sale. And I couldn’t resist sharing them with you so I practically posted most of the items here. Photos below from Mitch Shivers.



Invitation JPG


Mitch Shivers.


G-55, Lounge chair and side table (set) with QR pillow. Upcycled components:  55-gallon industrial container drum, salvaged SUV pistons, repurposed TV picture tube frame, lid of container drum.



Log In, hardwood stool. Made of reclaimed acacia stump, industrial casters, repurposed stainless steel conveyor belt parts.

White Noise, white pipe speakers (Altec Lansing). Made of repurposed PVC pipes.

Beat Box, carton speakers (Altec Lansing). Made of repurposed cardboard packaging boxes.

Spinoff, occasional table. Components: salvaged cable spool, round drum dolly, re-used glass.


J-Unit, storage shelf. Components: repurposed car plate numbers, junk fibreglass platforms, junk metal angle bars, repurposed 50 calibre ammo box. And Juiced, orange pipe speakers (Altec Lansing). Made of repurposed PVC pipes.


Maschine, coffee table. Components: reclaimed hardwood planks, re-used industrial metal casters, assorted salvaged gears and cogs.


Extra Baggage, storage table/storage bench. Components: old Samsonite suitcase, repurposed stainless steel core sample tubes.


Head Banger, blue head speaker, Altec Lansing. Made of salvaged mannequin head.


Night-Night Tenite, LED Table Lamp. Made of re-used iMac monitor stand, assorted salvaged metal parts, Tenite pendant.


Reconstruct, track light. Made of salvaged I-beam and repurposed G.I. pipes.



HARD (ware) & SOFT (ware), lounge chair with QR pillow. Upcycled, re-used and repurposed components: floppy discs, keyboard keys, re-used extruded aluminum bars, salvaged automotive metal panels, upcycled polycarbonate TV projector panel.

Rebooted, occasional table. Made of upcycled iMac and salvaged metal plate.

Exposed, floor lamp. Made of repurposed CCTV camera casing and standing mount for tarp.


Halo, chandelier. Made of repurposed projection TV lens and casing.


works by Mitch Shivers
Fine Arts Gallery
UP College of Fine ARts
Bartlett Hall, E. Jacinto St
UP Diliman QC

Show runs til March 8, 2013
For inquiries:



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  • Anonymous

    Amazing! I love Reconstruct and Halo.

  • Barbie Javier

    Great Job Mitch. Will have to drop by UP soon.