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EDIT: November 7, 2013 – I have received complaints from readers that this company has closed down. Please, buyer beware.


We didn’t have prenuptial portraits for our wedding. We just used real photos from our archives. But I know prenup shoots can be huge productions these days. Couples get creative with interesting and wild locations, themes and costumes.

Here’s something new for those who want prenuptial and wedding portraits. This photo studio along Jupiter St in Makati has some interesting built-in sets that are ready to used for photoshoots. It’s called MN8. My photographer friend invited me to their open house. I was very intrigued. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything wedding photography – concept, “location” set, makeup, styling, costumes or wedding gowns, shoot and album.


MN8 at 38 Jupiter St, Makati


I love the little cafe set up. It looks real.


Here’s what the cafe and the other sets look like from another angle.


There’s fake grass and pretend trees. They can even put water in that little “pond”.


Cherry blossoms.


Different rooms, different themes.


Here’s what the makeup room looks like.


Fitting stage for the bridal gown.


Bridal gown rentals are included in some packages. Cute idea!


photo 07
Here’s what their work looks like.


photo 04
And this.


The entire wedding industry seems to be always doing well. (We’re in the wrong business, ha!) I remember how lucrative it can be for suppliers. I used to be editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings. Until I just got sick of it all. Couldn’t look at another flower and white dress. I’m kidding. About the prenup shoots though, sometimes I wish we had done something or at least had a portrait done.

MN8 makes it look so easy. The sets aren’t limited just for weddings, by the way. You can use it for other occasions or themes. I took a peek at their rates but I don’t have a copy of their packages, so I can’t exactly write them here. Let me just say that they are very, very reasonable.


MN8 Weddings Studio
38 Jupiter St. corner Planet, Bel-Air 3, Makati




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  • kaloka

    I got married in the period of prenup pictorials.Nakakapagod, it was literally from morning to evening shoot. But it was all worth it. The guests love the 7 portraits displayed during cocktails. This prenup pictorial studio is a great idea!brilliant!The couple can be transported anywhere in just one place. haha! My friend and his fiance went to Europe just for the prenup photos.bongga!

    • Squinch_01

       how much po?

      • Anonymous

        I posted their contact info. Pls ask them. Thanks.

  • Jones

    Hi Daphne, I hope it’s ok with you if I share this post in a wedding forum (Weddings at Work). I’m sure a lot of ladies currently preparing for their own weddings will be very happy to hear about this. You have no idea how hard it is to find a creative place for a prenup and this will be a big-big-big help indeed! Thanks for posting. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sure… share! Thanks

  • Telle_ducs

    You can still do it if you really want to… postnup naman. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sure… haha.

  • Ging Domingo-Santos

    Wow, the one-stop shop wedding prenup thingamajig has finally hit Manila! There are lots like this in Taiwan and Vietnam daw. I wanna try it, even if I’m already married.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not for weddings only. Can be for any occasion.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea!! My friends and I will definitely check this out. Agree with the comments below, this is similar to what they have in Korea and Taiwan. 

    • Anonymous

      Partners of this company are Korean. 

      • sofiared

        I’ve just emailed them to inquire about prices/packages. Hope they reply soon. Do they use the make-up room for clients, or we need to go there already made up? 😀

  • Kristine Zano Aganda

    Philippine brides to be just got luckier! We had similar pre-wedding pictorial in Singapore, with a company similar with MN8. Back then i wish we had that in Manila. Am sure this will be a hit. In the future i wish they will cater to family portraits as well.

    • Anonymous

      I plan to do our family portraits there….

  • Clara

    I think they got this concept from Korea 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      Yes. The partners are Korean.

  • marilyn

    Hi, I go thru your blog and love this mn8 studio that u’ve made the coverage, but are they closed down already, i tried to emailed, but they say they are closed??!!??

    • Anonymous

      maybe it’s closed. wrote this a while ago.

      • Diana

        I booked mn8 at a bridal fair last May and paid the downpayment for a photoshoot that was supposed to be for the end of this month. I just found out they closed shop when i was trying to contact them for the final schedule and i couldn’t get in touch with anyone. Went to their studio and found it empty. Im so upset that seemingly decent businesses can cheat their clients like this. It puts wedding suppliers, who needs to be booked and paid way in advance in a poor light…

        • Anonymous

          That’s too bad.

          I published this blog entry over two years ago. I suggest you contact the wedding fair organizer?

    • Mara Navarro

      My friend scheduled (and paid) for a prenup with them. When she went this week, the guards of the building said they had packed up! Could this be a scam?? 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like bad business. Marty Ilagan had left the company early.

        Please note that this blog entry was written two years ago.