Mon Jasmin Noir



04 MJN Eau Exquise and Scintillating Body Lotion
Mon Jasmin Noir, L’Eau Exquise is the new eau de toilette from Bulgari, inspired by the enchantment of the splendid Italian-style gardens of the Renaissance – specifically, the Boboli Gardens in Florence, where the de Medici family brought jasmine to Italy for the very first time.

Transcending the boundaries of space and time, those same flowers are now captured in an original and luminous new perfume, whose essence suggests fragrant cascades of jasmine shimmering in the sun like nature’s own embroidery. Its transparent notes evoke the freshness of verdant labyrinths of greenery, while its vibrant chords echo the effervescent vitality of gushing fountains.


05 MJN Eau Exquise creative pack shot


Pink Pomelo releases the first pungent note, then merges with fresh Green Almond to form the first chord, a whiff of velvety lightness that leads to the unmistakable heart of the perfume. Here the inviting notes of Grandiflorum Jasmine combine with Sambac Jasmine White Tea – a floral infusion graced by a hint of tea – as if melting into a warm, intimate embrace. The soft nuances of Delightful Woods and intense accents of White Musks add a final touch of roundess and addictiveness.


All images and words from Bulgari press kit from LuxAsia.



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