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I promise this blog is not turning into a Kate Middleton shrine. I’m sure you get enough information and photos of her from every news source. But because their Royal Tour of Canada is wrapping up, I thought of posting some of the recent photos, those that aren’t so formal. All photos courtesty of Heritage Canada Flickr.


At Northwest Territories at Somba K’e Civic. I love how Prince William is holding Catherine’s clutch. Under normal circumstances, I would cringe at a man holding a clutch (Let’s not go there, in the Philippines men still carry their own clutch bags. It screams 70’s gun bag or headed-to-casino-with-cash bag). And I usually find it gross when husbands or boyfriends carry their girlfriend’s bags. Ladies, don’t do that unless you’re injured. Or unless you’re a Duchess planting a tree.


Search and rescue demonstration at Summerside Harbour. I just had to put this in. I love helicopters. There are a few guapo photos of William in his flight suit and helmet. I’m a child of a chopper pilot. The sound of helicopters is music to my ears.


Canadian Rangers event at Blachford Lake. Can’t get any more Canadian than this. I’ve never been on a traditional canoe. But I’ve gone kayaking once – and I probably never will again. My dad and brother took me camping in Algonquin Park, Ontario. They didn’t tell me that we’d canoe to the campsite. It took five hours to get from A to B. I think it’s so cool of William and Catherine to do this demo. It shows their fun side.


With the Canadian Rangers at Blachford Lake. This looks like it could be anywhere in Canada. Side note, this woman has zero body fat. What’s going on? She’s getting too thin I think.


Blachford Lake. Great PR shots, making Prince William and the Duchess look like regular people. I swear I grew up eating on those same exact paper plates at every weekend picnic. Boo on the plastic bag and bottle though.


Kate, showing her athletic side.


At Dalvey-by-the-Sea Resort, watching how lobsters are cooked in the sand.


Cute. And yummy… the lobsters.


And a nice real smile.

There’s really no point to this post. Just more Kate-mania. And finally, just in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is a makeup tutorial by Pixiwoo on how to get the Kate Middleton look. I find it so amusing. It’s pretty easy. And I think its applicable to Filipina faces. I’m just not a big fan of full-on lipgloss. But other than that, it’s a nice everyday look.


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