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It has been almost a week since the DAPHNE Home Scents for Bench™ were launched. I haven’t written about the event yet because almost immediately, real life took over. I was allowed to be in cloud nine for a day, then everything fell into place like nothing happened. My kids started school. I’ve been busy establishing a morning routine with them. And I’ve focused on dropping them off and picking each one up every single day. This is the life that I want.

Just to shake things up a bit, Patrick brought the two older kids to Bench and Dimensione over the holiday. They were giddy when they saw the display of DAPHNE bottles along side chinos and T-shirts at Bench. Lily insisted to buy a bottle. I lined up and paid for it. The sales associate was speechless. It was a very cute moment.


Daph POP Final


I’ve been getting a lot of tweets and Instagram links from those who’ve bought and tried the scents. So far, all very good reviews. There are three scents – Acres of Lavender, Homemade Lemon Tart and Mint Jasmine Infusion. I’m really so proud of how they all came out. The Bench teams who developed the product and worked on the launch are so awesome.


Here’s the video that was shown at the launch. It tells the story of how the scents were created, and how the collaboration came about. The video was shot and produced by creative duo Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro.



More photos and highlights of the launch, coming soon. Sorry for the hangover. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this! Haha. Have you tried the scents yet?



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  • Romzs

    I hope you’ll release candle versions of these, too! Nothing beats lighting a candle at night while reading a book <3 Homemade Lemon Tart is AMAAAZING 🙂

  • Tago Fabic

    Congratulations, Daphne! 😀 Can’t wait to buy some for our house here in Singapore! 😀

  • kit

    Congratulations, Miss Daphne! =)

  • Cham Cuartero

    I will definitely try it out… Who says prettifying and making your home smell nice has to be expensive, right? 🙂

  • Itsme071011

    love the mint jasmine infusion — smells like the jo malone white jasmine and mint fragrance : ) 

  • Aldo

    Thanks for sharing this; I found the video very informative. I knew these scents were yours when I saw them in Bench a few weeks ago… I just couldn’t find any press release online, until this entry! I got Homemade Lemon Tart (my favorite of the three) for my office. Here’s hoping the retail price is forever and not just “introductory!”

    • Anonymous

      Glad you like it. Thanks

  • Lady Spring

    My home perfumes are about to be empty.
    I’ll pick up one of these soon!~ I hope I find a scent I like~ (very picky on scents XD)

  • Auth888

    smells good but not strong enough =(

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the feedback.

  • Novievh

    Yes i’ve bought one,,n i regret,, because i only bought one!!! Pls make it available online with shipping to singapore,,

  • malou

    i hope you can sell bigger bottles for refill