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My Tag ID bracelets are made of durable and quality materials, it comes in a variety of designs and can be used in many ways. It comes in different colors to choose from and it fits children and adults alike.


My Tag is a personalized identification product that provides basic information to those helping an individual in need. My daughters all use My Tag ID bracelets when we are traveling. My husband also uses it when he goes biking. This is a product used by many active people – those who run marathons and do outdoor sports. It comes particularly handy if someone is suffering from allergies or other ailments. The intention is to alert good samaritans, emergency first-responders, physicians, emergency room personnel or police of the condition of the wearer even if the wearer is unconscious, incoherent, too old or too young to explain.


The bracelets come in kids’ sizes too.


I also ordered one for my little nephew who has a few food allergies.


DSC_4988 STB 301113 Lifestyle Experiences in Singapore@Gardens by the Bay (AC) Preview
With Stella in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay last December 2013. She wore her My Tag bracelet. In it is her name, birthdate, and our cellphone numbers. This is to give her some form of identification in case an unfortunate incident happens and we lose her in a crowd. I hope it NEVER happens. But just in case…


To order My Tag, click here. Or you can check out these sports shops and retailers. You can also contact them through My Tag Facebook page.



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