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Thank you for your overwhelming welcome to my new blog/website. Yesterday was insane in terms of views – 15,000 in a few hours. But I’m really not into numbers, so that’s the last you’ll hear about hits and views. Even with 50 views, I’ll still write and tell stories the same way. But it was an amazing feeling for me, Isabel and Val. Thank you!


I also wanted to share with you that I now have an official Wikipedia page.


For years I took Wikipedia for granted. And whenever anyone would Google my name, different articles in no particular order would come up. It wasn’t a problem then because… well most of the articles about me are nice anyway, though some were inaccurate. I always knew there were experts who can optimize your searchability and all that. But I was not really interested. Until I met Tony Ahn of Sterling Rep Social Media & Reputation Management.


tony ahn
Tony Ahn of Sterling Rep


Simply put, Sterling Rep is the kind of company you’ll need if you want to take your business forward in this online world. You’ll also need Sterling Rep if you or your company has had some negative/not-so-good publicity that you want to bury in the deepest part of the internet where no one will find them. I met Tony through Carlos Celdran who needed some online reputation management a few months ago. The good thing about Tony other than his expertise in social media and marketing is that he writes his own stuff. And he writes really well. He has a Master’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University. He wrote and developed my Wikipedia entry. The process reminded me of a university thesis. Very meticulous, with footnotes and attributions.

Tony told me that there was a possibility my article would make it to the main page of Wikipedia because all the articles he’s nominated has made it to Main Page. There were other factors too, but basically on an expert like Tony can get your Wikipedia article on the Main Page. Mine happened on June 17 at 11PM. (The official record shows, it was on from 8pm to 2am). Someone tweeted me that I was on the main page!! It was a huge deal! Here’s what it looked like…


I am on Wikipedia's main page!


I appeared in the “Did you know” section. And my photo made it as well. This lasted for about three six hours. And then I was replaced by an article about Marilyn Monroe.


I am on Wikipedia's main page!


What does this all mean to me? I reached a market I never thought I could. You could only imagine what kind of readership you’ll get once you appear on Wikipedia’s main page. It was overwhelming.

Check the website of Tony Ahn of Sterling Rep to the different services they offer. Celebs, politicians, public figures, companies and organizations should really start thinking of investing in Wikipedia articles.


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